The Dead Pinups

The Dead Pinups


Fast paced, extremely up beat, a pinch of 50's feel, a dash of rock mixed in with a massive amount of horror punk!!


The Dead Pinups were brought together by one common thread, the love of PUNK!!! Not what punk has become, but what it use to be and how it made us feel. We were each tired of playing in bands where we were just in them to be playing in a band. Our creative influences not being drawn to their full potential. We got together through a message board and decided to meet up one night for a practice. After playing for about 40 minutes I suggested we go up and play a local open mic. We played 3 covers we knew and had been working on together that evening. After playing we had 3 shows lined up for the up coming weeks and the rest is history. The Dead Pinups have been pushing full throttle ever since. Creating a new wave of Punk based on such influences as The Misfits, Samhein, Guttermouth, The Dead Kennedy's, The Dead Milkmen, Nirvana, and Rancid the list just keeps going. Whether its the fake blood or the shredding guitar solos not common in punk music this is what sets us a part and keeps you coming back for more!


We are posted on myspace and

Song include:
Winters Frost
Humanoids From The Deep
You Belong To Me

Set List

Our sets vary depending on time allowed. We have well over 3 hours of material. Probably about 2 hours of classic and modern Punk covers and 1 hour of original and still growing.
Humanoids From The Deep
Psycho Voyeur
Party Til You Puke
You Belong To Me
Winters Frost
Suicide Betty
Camp Blood

Various Covers From Bands:
The Sex Pistols
Dead Kennedy’s
Lars Fredrickson and The Bastards
Rod Stewart