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"Review from The Austin Chronicle"

Dead Pyrates Society Tempus Fugit

The heavyweights from the Texas music history books roll out their debut EP with a maraca-shaking Stones-y groove. Messrs. Kennedy, Randall, Hamilton, and Staehely stake their credentials in solid rock acts, from JoJo Gunne to Max Pageant and Gary Myrick, and it shows in their booming authority throughout the tight five-song offering. The only thing that this little rough-and-tumble gem needs is the Pyrates’ badass version of “The Eyes of Texas.” Standouts: “V.P. Confidential,” “When Evil Comes Along,” “Graveyard Dead.”

- The Austin Chronicle / Margaret Moser

"Saturday Night Legends"

Saturday Night Legends
Down at the Saxon Pub early Saturday evening, a quartet of music veterans known as the Dead Pyrates Society payed homage to old school rock. They’re seasoned rockers, all of them – tough as iron nails and hoisting the black flag in memory of those who’ve passed, including Bucky Ballard, Keith Ferguson, and Uncle John Turner. John Staehely’s presence is enough to give them platinum credentials – he’s played guitar with Bob Dylan, Spirit, Robert Palmer, and JoJo Gunne, which also featured the booming bass of Jimmie Randall, who’s played alongside drummer Mark Hamilton for years. Add a wise-cracking Keith Richards on guitar and what more could you ask for?

Did I say Keith Richards? It’s hard to ignore Keef’s influence when guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Joe Kennedy played him in a Stones cover band for years. If any one of those elements were different, the Pyrates might come off as ponderous. Instead, they roll like a well-lubed rock machine – big, heavy, and solid. As we headed out, the Pyrates were singing a rocket-fueled version of “The Eyes of Texas” that must have made Gabriel set down his horn and wish he played guitar.
Margaret Moser ,
The Austin Chronicle - The Austin Chronicle

"Sometimes Rock Forgets where it comes from"

Sometimes Rock Forgets Where It Comes From

“Don’t tell me about a band after it plays, tell me about it before.”

The reader had a point when he wrote me after a column on the Dead Pyrates last year, except that sometimes the most visceral live experience is the most recent. Isn’t that what you want to express? But here ya go, dear reader: the Dead Pyrates Society meets tonight at Lamberts.

They’re old-school classic rockers, each and every one cut and chiseled in Texas bands all over the musical map. They call themselves “17th Century Rock and Roll,” though if Keith Richards had been from Texas and had taken over Bad Company in 1974, that’s a close approximation to their crash, twang, and thunder.

Their veteran confidence draws from the members’ myriad credentials, such as stints and recordings with Bob Dylan, Spirit, Keith Moon, Jo Jo Gunne, Paul Rogers, Robert Palmer, and an eye-popping list of 1960s Texas garage bands and musicians including Krackerjack, Slip of the Wrist, Gary Myrick, Smiley, Max Pageant, Tribe, Jack Morgan, and Bucky Ballard. I’m on enough music chat forums to know Joe Kennedy, Jimmie Randall, Mark Hamilton, and John Staehely each deserve a chapter in that big book of Texas rock.

Check their wicked “The Eyes of Texas” on MySpace and imagine that boom within Lamberts fine acoustics, where they drop anchor with instro-twangmasters 3 Balls of Fire.

“Sometimes rock forgets where it comes from,” the Pyrates like to say. “Consider this a reminder.”

Margaret Moser, Thu Jul 24, 11:56am
- The Austin Chronicle

"For Imediate Release"

For Immediate Release

The Dead Pyrates Society, Austin's "most rock and roll rock and roll band", releases "Tempus Fugit", a 5 song Ep. This is the first release from former Jo Jo Gunne members John Staehely on guitar and Jimmie Randall on bass.
The Dead Pyrates Society also includes Texas music veterans Joe Kennedy (Ex-Tribe)on vocals and guitar and Mark Hamilton (Ex-Gary Myrick) on drums.

Stir in the flavors of the Faces, The Rolling Stones, and Chuck Berry with a thick stew of Texas blues and rock and you get something close to what the Austin Chronicle calls …"The Twang and Thunder of The Dead Pyrates Society"

Margaret Moser in the Austin Chronicle’s “Critic’s Choice” called the Dead Pyrates Society “The Best New Band” and “ Best Live Performance ” of 2007

Every once in awhile rock forgets where it comes from, consider
“Tempus Fugit “from the Dead Pyrates Society a friendly reminder !

New CD “ Tempus Fugit” Available Now

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- D.P.S.


'Tempus Fugit" EP released October ,2008
"The Dead Pyrates Society " Released April ,2009



The Dead Pyrates Society has many years of experience playing around the world with various national acts including Jo Jo Gunne, Spirit, Bob Dylan, and Paul Rogers of Bad Company.
John Staehely and Jimmie Randall while members of Jo Jo Gunne also appeared on Keith Moon's solo album, Two Sides of the Moon.
Drummer Mark Hamilton brings decades of experience in Texas music with the likes of Jack Morgan and Gary Myric(Havana 3 AM) to the Dead Pyrates Society's lineup.
Joe Kennedy who handles the multiple chores of lead singer ,guitar and songwriting concieved DPS as a living breathing musical memorial to fallen commrades in rock and roll The Dead Pyrates Society is not a nostalgia act . With sometimes obvious nods to their history and heritage the music is a fresh batch of songs played with a passion only years of dedication can bring . Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle in the "Critic's Choice " called The Dead Pyrates Society "The Best New Band and The Best Live Performance for 2007" . The Austin Music Awards voted D.P.S. among the "TOP TEN" Best New Band . With musical relationships that date back over four decades, The Pyrates have come together to produce an original rock driven sound that is all it’s own. Bassist Jimmie Randall adds , "If something sounds familiar it may be borrowed or stolen...." Just call it a tribute ! "