The Dead Rabbit Circus

The Dead Rabbit Circus

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Spaz Rock from The Midwest!


It all began in 2001 when four friends from the Midwest embarked on a mission to create
a brand of music that they could call their own. With four completely different
backgrounds and an extremely wide range of musical taste between them, the
possibilities seemed endless.

A few months of experimentation and collaboration spawned a unique brand of rock
incorporating elements of punk, surf, funk, metal -- even waltz. "Spaz rock" was born.

Within a year of its genesis, the men of Ether Project began work on what would be their
first release, a 6-song EP entitled Live in the Living Room. Recorded by Mark Heinz of
Fragile Porcelain Mice, Live in the Living Room was independently released in summer
2002 and distributed in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Nearly two years later and following an extended and disheartening period of stagnation
for the band, singer Ramon Woody left Ether Project.

Reduced to a three-piece outfit, the band struggled through several months of writing and
creating without a singer. Faced with this ill-fated and unfortunate dilemma, founding
member and guitarist Christian Jalbert resolved to accept his fate and stepped up to the
plate to preach the gospel as Ether Project's new primary vocalist.

After a year of relentless rehearsing and honing material, founding member and drummer
Ryan Malaschak climbed into the recording engineer's seat to commence production on
what was to be the first full-length Ether Project album. Just as pre-production on the
album saw completion, bassist Sid Davis and Ether Project decided to part ways less than
amicably, with both parties citing irreconcilable creative and personal differences. Due to
a general lack of funds and prior financial obligations, the recording was scrapped shortly
thereafter -- never to see the light of day.

After a slew of bassist auditions and experiments with alternate methods of producing the
bass guitar lines electronically, the band met up with Josh Elam, a talented and
compatible bass player that was obviously the missing link for which Ether Project so
desperately longed. Josh joined the band in early 2007, and within two short months
Ether Project was once again ready to hit the stage and re-ignite the sound and energy
that they'd been developing for six years prior.

Enter summer 2007.

This has been a very exciting and successful year for Ether Project. In just the past few
months, the band has shared stages in St. Louis with several honorable national acts
including Radar Recordings artist Junius, Tubring (The End Records), and Jucifer
(Relapse), Men Women and Children (Warner Bros.), Electric 6, We Are The Fury, Willowz, Mucca Pazza, as well as with world renowned Melt-Banana from Tokyo, JP.

Look for a new release in the fall, and keep an eye out for Ether Project as they gear up to
take this show on the road.


Roid Rage

Written By: C. Jalbert

Such a fucking panty waste.
Shut your mother fucking face.
Such a fucking waste of time.
All I want to do is juice.

I can’t believe that you said that straight to my face.
Introduce you to coffee table with your face.
The feelings and faces they circle around your face.
Not breathing and blue now.
What have I done?

"Hypertechnically," Dance Dance Revolution is Track and Field on Nintendo

Written By: C. Jalbert

On again, off again, filling the trough again.
Covering up with blankets of foam.
Trick knee brings hiccupping, glossy eyes, smoking rings, gripping kings.
Hurling malt insults out of your hole.
You can’t dodge camouflage, monologue, you can’t mute verbal logs.
Drowning in what you have over flown.
You elude boys in blue.
No one buys eight leg stew.
But that last t-bone was hard to chew.

Filling your head with malted and arrogance,
chain link it will get you every time.
Filling your head with malted and reverence,
chain link it will get you every time.

I don’t work for salivary.
I don’t live for yeast and berries.

You’re over, filling it up.
You’re always making it up.

Boom Boom Kiddy Room

Written By: C. Jalbert

MDMA these dreams to you.
With all the sweat around the place.
And all the colors grew and flow.
And they all swirled upon her.

Boom Boom Kiddy Room


Written By: C. Jalbert

Start it bared with the squares.
But nothing found on Bobby’s plate.
Tile there, perfect glare.
Opponent raised with paper face.
Synthetics find our selves.
And plastic mates, convenience fate.
Start it bared with the squares.

I can’t feel my bones.
And I can feel the pulse.
And I can’t feel my shell.

Laughter jumped, flies the stumped.
A vast blur of vigilance.
Stripping flipped, side’s been kicked.
Like years to weeks, these minutes peak.
Interior, a tracer.
A picture boxed; a scribbling.
Laughter jumped, flies the stumped

Pride. Calls. Stay. Saul

Rockets, the last castle.
Of waving energy.

Your body, dissolved.
Your mind, dissolved.
Your spirit, dissolved.
You’re dissolved.


Written By: C. Jalbert

MLB is spyin’ on me.

Learn to read.

Be like me.

Wire hangers.
Payment schemes.
Foil helmets.
Mothers please.

Sanford, INC.

PDA it’s a day to feed.

Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat

Written By: C. Jalbert

The little flashlight said I’m fine.
You gotta take the elevator to the end of the line.
What outcomes will we find?
Just go home.

These ear cones always say,
“Don’t forget your pills today.”
Deslivered thoughts delayed.
Your point shown.

No pillow for my head.
No cases on the bed.
This salty drink has spread.
The pores shown.

So nice to see the light of day.
Still all these glasses call for me.
Depakote’s the way to end the day.
Still all these glasses call my name.

Down a forest of bubbly pine.
Topped of with a juicy lime.
No bread and cannot wine.
Run home.

Goodnight, out the moon to bed.
This deer can no more wed.
Keep the king’s crown on his head.
No foam.

This emerald fled my mouth.
No bed sheet to lay down.
Had to put the fire out.
No Glow.


Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat- 7 Song EP
(Scheduled Release Date November 2007)


Live In The Living Room- (6 Song EP)
Released- July 20th 2002

6) BEN P. AND THE BUNGALOW TRIO (featuring Duck from Jinriksha)

Set List

Current Setlist Time 30 Minutes- 1 Hour 10 Minutes

March 27th
Roid Rage
"Hypertechnically," Dance Dance Revolution is Track and Field on Nintendo
Without Clarinet (NEW)
Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat
Ben P and The Bungalow Trio
Karmic Intentions
Breaking the Language Barrier with "Bitchface." (NEW)
Surf Rock
Latest Set Lists:

Date: Sunday, May 27th
Venue: POP'S
Location: Sauget, IL Set Time 9:35-10:05

Roid Rage (3:20)
Focusyn (3:15)
Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat (3:40)
Boom Boom Kiddy Room (3:20)
Saturate (6:10)
"Hypertechnically" Dance Dance Revolution is Track and Field on Nintendo! (3:40) LIVE ON KPNT 105.7
Surf Rock (3:10)

Date: Sunday, May 20th
Venue: Byrnes Mill Skate Park (Skate Day 07)
Location: House Springs, MO Set Time: 6:45-7:20

Roid Rage (3:20)
Focusyn (3:15)
"Hypertechnically" Dance Dance Revolution is Track and Field on Nintendo! (3:40)
Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat (3:40)
Boom Boom Kiddy Room (3:2