The Dead Raccoons

The Dead Raccoons


The Dead Raccoons bring fun back into music, putting on a live show that hasn't been seen in music in far too long.


The Dead Raccoons are a 4-piece dramatic rock band out of Chicago that combine elements of theater with catchy and unique original musical selections. They have been well known to give out hugs, as well as elbow macaroni, and their specialty is interacting with the crowd. Their shows can change dramatically from night to night as they improvise a great deal of the material and they bring along unusual electronic props created by their guitarist Farmer Dave himself. They are also well known for having quite a bit of emotional problems. Their live shows are quickly being embraced by the underground community, and they are only going to get better. They have played shows around the Chicagoland area including The Beat Kitchen, the Fireside Bowl, and The Prodigal Son. Too many bands take themselves way too seriously, and when performing live don’t even move, or talk with the crowd at all. The purpose of putting on a show is to put on a show. So says The Dead Raccoons. They feel in their raccoon hearts that this is what they are meant to do. Believe.


E.P. (Emotional Problems 2002
Emotional Problems, The LP
My Mother Doesn't Love me anymore, She Loves Steve (Single)

Set List

A Dead Raccoons show usually has the following songs totalling 40 minutes or so, but we have played as short as 15 minutes and as long as an hour and a half.
1.) My Mother Doesn't Love Me Anymore, She Loves Steve
2.) I Don't smell like shit, that's just the medicine
3.) Muffins
4.) TC, our doggie who we loved very much who passed away and we keep in this igloo cooler
5.) My Sweet Pig Bitch
6.) We're no babies
7.) Mister, I can't clean my fur
8.) Emotional Problems
The Dead Raccoons have between song activities including interacting with the crowd, and giving out food and hugs and such.