The Dead Revolt

The Dead Revolt

 Houston, Texas, USA

If The Mars Volta and Led Zeppelin had a baby, and Pink Floyd and The Fall of Troy had a baby, and those babies had a baby it would be called The Dead Revolt.


The Dead Revolt is a three piece progressive rock band from Houston TX formed in 2009. Members include George Baba (vocals/guitar) Spencer Golvach (bass) and Dylan Golvach (drums). The band incorporates various influences such as progressive rock, experimental jazz, and technical instrumentation. They recorded their first full length album titled "The Substance of Things Not Seen" when Dylan was just fifteen years old, and was released in September 2010. In October 2010 they entered the studio again to record they're second release.


"The Substance of Things Not Seen"

1. Appetizer
2. Bird's Eye Rot
3. Wearing Saris
4. The Grand Design
5. Vulpecula/Lunar Mare
6. Walk-ins and Wanderers
7. The Eternal Tortoise
8. Mar Iguana