The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

The Dead Sea make immersive, largely instrumental music accompanied by highly textured films. They toured Europe & released their acclaimed debut album in 09, they've been included in feature film & TV soundtracks with their films screened internationally from Paris to Rio de Janeiro & Vladivostok.


In 2006, on a misty, picturesque day in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, Tim Bruniges (Decoder Ring) was driving down the middle of a non-descript, tree-lined road recording the experience on a mobile phone. A week later, that lo-fi footage was combined with a hazy, tape degenerated soundtrack to become “World Sham Pain”. The film received its premiere in a lounge room at a small performance night amongst friends.
A few months later, Tim got on a plane to introduce the second showing of “World Sham Pain” in Cinema 1 at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France as part of the International Panorama of Festival Pocket Films 2007. This track subsequently became the opening cut of the self-titled EP and the trajectory of The Dead Sea began.

In June 2007, Nick Kennedy (Big Heavy Stuff, The Cops) and David Trumpmanis (Bluebottle Kiss, Sarah Blasko) were recruited to translate The Dead Sea to the live stage.
A slew of local gigs occurred throughout 2008, as did commencement of work on their debut album. Before it’s completion, tracks by The Dead Sea were featured on The Silent Ballet Compilation XI, the Swedish film “Halsningar fran Skogen”, the CBS series “CSI: Miami” and the first ever “Singles Club” on the Australian label, Spunk Records.

In 2009, having completed work on their debut album, the band travelled to Europe and played a series of shows including: a feature set at the Wilsonic Festival in Bratislava (one of Resident Advisor’s top festival picks), headline shows in Berlin and Stockholm and an idyllic headline performance on the edge of the sea at sunset at Malmo’s Sommarscen Festival.

Having returned to Sydney in August 2009, their album was released globally via iTunes, emusic, Amazon and Lala to much international acclaim.
The Dead Sea are preparing for an Australian physical release of their debut album and subsequent East Coast tour in late 2009 before returning to Europe in April 2010 upon invitation to perform at Audiobox in Murcia, Spain.

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1) The Dead Sea EP: 2007
2) The Silent Ballet IX Compilation: 2008
3) Spunk Singles Club Vol. 1: 2009
4) The Dead Sea Debut Album: 2009

Tracks available for download from:
itunes, e-music, Red Eye Records, Amazon, lala, bigpondmusic, & 7Digital

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Set List

1) Departure Gates
2) III
3) The Devil Bends
4) Zabriske Point
5) Respire
6) Slow Jet
7) Bandicoots
8) Nulla Desiderata
9) Posticoots

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