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"Virtually Alternative"

"Flaunt It Like This" is a cheeky glimpse into the seedy glitz and glamour of the rock n roll dream. Think of a 21st century T-Rex meets Love and Rockets and Depeche Mode and you're barking up the right pant leg, delivering undeniably crushing melodic anthems. If you've got a penchant for fuzzy guitar/ dark pop and seductive lyrics you'll appreciate this.

Surprisingly unsigned, they've managed to to utilize the production talents of Fran Ashcroft (Damon Alburn ie. Blur/ Gorillaz/ The Good the Bad and the Queen). This has great potential and we're sure it'll just be a matter of time before labels are scrambling to sign this talented group with all the goods to slip into your big show, mainstream airplay. "Prozac Smile" and "Flaunt It Like This" are featured on the V/A breaking artists CD compilation.

-Album Network
- The Album Network

"Unleashing Anthems for the Friendly-Fire Generation"

This "Limited LetterBoxed edition" CD opens with a "Twenty-First Century Love Song" entitled "Prozac Smile" which carries a style reminescent of Love and Rockets and a modern Hollywood movie chorus.

Every track on this album is optimized for use in film productions... that's what these cats are all about, hell-bent on stardom through music and celluloid. "Flaunt It Like This" and "Bang Bang Love" seem to pave the way for the Dead Stars while "Planet Girl" is suitable for sickly sweet flattery for any awestruck chick.

This a very promising new release, and people may be starstruck before the night is over. I can say that The Dead Stars on Hollywood are certain to be one of the MAIN attractions this year at the Queen of Halloween Ball.
-Jett Black
- In Music we Trust

"Forget the Sigue Sigue Sputnik reunion"

Forget the Sigue Sigue Sputnik reunion... this the only '80s revival you need. From the computer-manipulated spoken word, introduction to the final glam-slam guitar riff, this EP is dressed for excess and then some.

Opener "Prozac Smile" is the sort of anthem to prescription-drug love your average indie band wouldn't touch with a 10-foot feather boa. Kneel Cohn's vocals have all the sneer of Donovan Leitch on a bender in Chelsea. "Bang Bang Love" is like Gene Loves Jezebel's "Desire" recast for the 21st century. (This band namechecks the 21st century more times than Snoop Dogg mentions his ho's.)

Imagine Poison doing T. Rex covers, or if Ministry had stuck with their early dance origins. It's trashy and flashy and it gets all Barbarella in all the right places. In short, it's 1986 again, which is a goddamn welcome change from our regular obsession.
-JAMIE S. RICH - Portland Mercury

"Top 15 New Bands"

The Dead Stars on Hollywood are foursome that bring up many sounds of others from the past. With strong songwriting and a great sound, they make their own stamp. Currently I am loving "Bang Bang Love", but am starting to dig "Prozac Smile" too.

Without trying to label the band, their rock glam sound is much needed in a sea of very same sounding bands that are cluttering up my desk. I think I will be playing them for quite some time. My feeling is that this band is going to go far. How could they not? Just listen to the songs and you be the judge!
- DJ Jonathan L (98 KUPD RADIO) - The Lopsided World of L / KUPD

"Welcome To The 21st Century"

For a relatively new band, the Dead Stars On Hollywood have seemed to amassed some great credits and a solid organic buzz in NYC. Think of a futuristic T-Rex fused with that 80's dark pop sound ala Jesus and Mary Chain, Love & Rockets and you've got a really cool post-glam vibe. Vocalist / songwriter Kneel Cohn's strong point seems to be delivering clever, cheeky wordplay in a melodic seductive fashion while the band's tight song structures establish their own stamp on the genre.

Their self released EP with the clever title "Anthems For The Friendly-Fire Generation" seem to sew it all up for the Dead Stars as they appear to have all the goods to play with the big boys. So far they've managed to secure the talents of British record producer Fran Ashcroft (Blur, Lords of Acid) and a guest appearance by guitarist Peter Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols.

What makes the band interesting is their blatant disregard for not knowing that its now 2007 in NYC (and most other places in the world as well). They really seem to be doing their own thing here like lost astronauts which makes them stand out from the NYC bands that are still riding out the last wave created by Strokes. Its definitely worth checking them out now before they end up opening for an arena rock band like the Killers or My Chemical Romance. -


Anthems for the Friendly-fire Generation available on CD and itunes worldwide.


Anthems For The Friendly-Fire Generation
EP (apocalypstick UK 1042) tracks: prozac smile, flaunt it like this, bang bang love, planet girl

Flaunt It Like This
single (apocalypstick UK 1020) Tracks: flaunt it like this, dont take a dive, flaunt it like this (strongbox demo)

Prozac Smile
single (apocalypstick UK 1024) Tracks: prozac smile, prozac smile (demo), planet girl (alternate version)

Bang Bang Love
single (apocalypstick UK 1026) Tracks: bang bang love, bang bang love (demo), cinematic supernova

Planet Girl
single (apocalypstick UK 1028) tracks: planet girl, yesterday , planet girl (demo)

Anthems For The Friendly-Fire Generation
EP (apocalypstick UK 1042) tracks: prozac smile, flaunt it like this, bang bang love, planet girl



From NYC come The Dead Stars On Hollywood, the post apocalyptic sci-fi rockers with the seductive melodic allure.

Attracting the attention of British producer Fran Ashcroft known for his work with Blur and Lords Of Acid, the band recorded the Anthems For The Friendly-Fire Generation EP.

Psyche-pop darlings the Dandy Warhols’ guitarist Peter Holmstrom also wanted in on the act and offered up the other-worldly guitar on the spaced out lullaby Planet Girl.

Radio trade The Album Network touts the band as "the 21st century T-Rex meets Love & Rockets" ... movie soundtracks and airplay weren’t far behind. Add the sexy metallic shimmer of live performances including tour support for UK bands Placebo, Idlewild and Gwar prove The Dead Stars On Hollywood have already become A-list contenders for a success story all their own. The future is unwritten...


Currently working with British producer John Roome (the Cult, the Orb, Curve, Cornershop) The Dead Stars On Hollywood will have a new release slated for fall 2008.

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Tracks with radio play and / or soundtrack placement include:

Prozac Smile
Bang Bang Love
Planet Girl
Flaunt It Like This