The Deaf

The Deaf

 The Hague, South Holland, NLD

An explosion of uncontrollable energy: bashed eardrums, catchy songs, a thrilling twist & shout-tornado! It’s loud! It’s dirty! It’s wild! IT’S THE DEAF!!


The Deaf

The Deaf is a high energy garage-rock band from The Netherlands. The band dug up the remainders of the early 60's beat music and mixed it up with an overdose of garage, punk and rock&roll which they themselves describe as Speed Beat. The stage suits them well: a live performance of The Deaf can be compared to a loud explosion of uncontrollable energy.

The Hague, Dutch hometown of The Deaf, has always had the label Beat City of Holland because of her 60's roots with legendary garage bands like the Golden Earrings, Shocking Blue and Q65. For the last 45 years there was not much beat music going on in The Hague. In 2007 three musicians Spike v Zoest (Vox & vox guitar), Miss Fuzz (Vox & vox bass) and Kit Carrera (Drums) decided that it was about time to change that fact and formed The Deaf.

Since then,The Deaf has played a shocking amount of shows through out The Netherlands, Belgium and SXSW 2010 (Austin, Texas).
Later that year, they teamed up with organist Midnight Mau (Farfisa organ) and the four of them decided to raise an independent record label: Speed Beat Records.
Shortly after, the band recorded and produced their first full length album "Toot Whistle Plunk Boom!" (mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt - producer & mixer of a.o.The Hives).
Toot Whistle Plunk Boom! was released in April 2011 on vinyl and CD and got excellent critics. Due to the great response on the album combined with a strong live reputation, The Deaf succesfully played 2 Dutch clubtours and 2 impressive festivaltours including spots on festivals like Parkpop (biggest free open air festival of Europe), Lowlands, Zwarte Cross, a clubshow in Moscow and again SXSW 2011. Clem Burke (Blondie) saw the Deaf rock on SXSW and his verdict was: “Awesome band! He’s a combination of Pelle Almqvist (the Hives), Wilco Johnson (Dr. Feelgood) and Pete Townsend (the Who).. All rolled into one.”
After finishing their latest clubtour in November 2012, Spike, Kit, Miss Fuzz and Midnight Mau decided to focus on writing new songmaterial, aiming for a new record to be released this year.



April 2011 - release debut album:
"Toot, Whistle Plunk, Boom! "

March 2011 - release single:
"Coming Down That Road"
Airplay on MTV and national radiostation 3FM

June 2011 - release single:
Airplay on MTV and national radiostation 3FM

Set List

Depends on the gig! We prefer 45 to 60 minutes of high energy performance, ±16 songs.