The Dearloves

The Dearloves

 New York City, New York, USA

"Straight-forward and technically proficient, those who enjoy hearing the sort of music that stays clear even in the smallest of venues should take a listen to what these Brooklyn buds are bumping. The guitars rock, the drums crash, the vocals are sharp and coed—basically all the elements of rock are here. Not indie, not very alt—but then again not punk, or blues, or classic-styled…think “The Cult.” Ian Astbury’s band found themselves lumped in with new wave bands during the 80s just for this re


With echoes of rock n roll’s forefathers and bastard children alike resonating through their amplifiers, The Dearloves bring to you a sound both classic and beautifully original. A combined century of musical absorption among them distills down to both male and female vocals pouring over solid, driving drums and searing guitars with a living energy. They come at you straight and look you in the eye. Intelligently constructed and performed with unforgiving conviction & clarity, their songs are nearly impossible to lock into a specific genre, opting rather to wander through many different rooms with many different sounds. Imagine the child of The Beatles & Nirvana, born in the bathroom of CBGB’s and raised in a commune inhabited by Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, and The Verve. The Dearloves wants to take you somewhere and show you something.
- Ian McCabe


Out of the Fire (demo 2011)

Album Release in June 2012
[recorded with Mark Ospovat at Emandee, mastered at Sterling Sound].

Set List

-Never Stop
-Thurston & Kim
-The Beach
-Sonic Tomb
-If I Fail
-Lovely Lady
-Red Leather
-Everly Blue
-Lady Di
-Out of the Fire
-Sophie Miga
-Hello, Hello
-Violet Light
-Pretty Boy Floyd