The Deathray Davies

The Deathray Davies


John Dufilho returns from the studio, masterpiece in hand, with the new album that will begin the next exciting chapter in the DRD’s career. Engineered by Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider this is pure pop heaven.


Dallas’ favorite band, The Deathray Davies, have been bringing their fuzzed-up rock to the people since 1999. Spreading their tentacles beyond Texas through constant road-treks with the likes of the Breeders, Old 97s, Louis XIV, and Superchunk. By the time the band’s 2005 album, The Kick and the Snare, appeared, they were earning write-ups in Esquire and People, video-play on MTV2, and TOP 40 record on the CMJ charts.

The Deathrays absorb influences from the ‘British invasion’ staples the Beatles, the Kinks and the Zombies, to Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys, to the Ramones and the Replacements. They’re about songs, songs and more songs, Dulfilho’s oft-understated expressions blooming within charmingly eccentric arrangements and bouncing progressions mottled with showers of guitar and keys.

The Deathray live experience puts an energized, slightly psychedelic spin on their studio proclamations: the stage aglow with rope lights; flailing locks and frenetic delivery; the crazy-haired Kevin Ingle cheerleading with eyes-clenched abandon.

Furiously prolific – five albums, one single, countless compilations and 500 shows in 5 years – the Deathray Davies have built the credibility and fan-base to launch their 2010 release into mainstream orbit.

Hopes? “That people will love it, buy it, and buy it for their friends,” mulls Dufilho.

And fears? “No thank you – we’re a rock ‘n roll band”.


Drink with the Grown-Ups and Listen to the Jazz, 1999, Idol Records
The Return of the Drunken Ventriloquist, 2000, Idol Records
The Day of the Ray, 2002, Idol Records
Midnight at the Black Nail Polish, 2004, glurp
The Kick and the Snare, 2005, glurp

Set List

15 songs pulled from all 5 of our albums