The Death Set

The Death Set


two kids spazz out to brutal stupid beats, keyboards and fuzzy guitars. goes pop and more sinister than your shame.


We love alot of music. lo fi and urgent we are. Half Australian and half American. we set ourselves apart from other bands because there is not a band on earth like The Death Set. thats all.


This is a young project. releases are all d.i.y burns now. Seven inch on the way.E.P disk mid July 2005. Self released.

Set List

Our sets are a collage of samples, mashing into live tracks then out again. there are no real breaks in the set. it is continuous Death Set episode. noise, nonsense and punk . hip hop beats and casio power.
so our sets would be maybe 9 songs. about fifteen to twenty minuts of crazy intensity. things break and people go ape.