The Deathtower

The Deathtower

 San Luis Obispo, California, USA

If your looking to bring a lot of dads to a venue... look no further, nobody love the dads more than we do! So lets set this up, take our socks off and rock this thing. Thank you for your consideration, and send me your dads email address when you get a second! Peace, Jesse


The Deathtower is a Indie Rock group from San Luis Obispo Ca. We play many genres of music all with powerful vocals and catchy melodies. All members are multi-instrumentalists. We pride ourselves on writing quality music and entertaining our audiences at live performances. Please listen for yourself, we promise you will be transported to another realm of musical reality if you do so! … and please share us with as many dads as you can!


"The Deathtower"
2010 First Album available through CDbaby, Itunes, amazon

"Legend of Jaron"
to be released 9/30/11