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The December Sound

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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NYC, New York, USA

NYC, New York, USA

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Music is continually changing and evolving making it harder and harder to group bands into specific genres. This is no exception for Boston band The December Sound. Though categorized as a psychedelic band on myspace, their music encompasses much more. According to lead singer and founder Zack Sarzana, "psychedelic is a word of convenience" and believes their sound is better described as "an explosive/hollow reverberation. The kind you hear in the middle of the winter when someone fires a gun in the middle of nowhere." The band has been around for several years and has experienced several line-up changes. The current members are Zack Sarzana (guitar/vocals), Drew Richards (drums), Jimmy Rossi (keyboard/guitar), and Cat Crowley (bass). Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarzana about himself and the band's current plans.

Sarzana knew early on that he wanted a career in music. His parents exposed him to legendary groups such as The Beetles, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones. At the age of ten, he began playing the drums but had always been interested in playing various instruments and mixing. Eventually one thing led to another and he decided to form his own band, The December Sound. Sarzana and Richards had been friends previously and are the only two original members. Feeling that their sound was a bit lacking, the band placed an ad on craigslist. After a brief jam session, they knew they had a perfect match with Rossi. Crowley is the most recent addition, and was suggested by her friend Rossi after the previous bassist decided to pursue other interests.

While the band is based in Boston, Sarzana himself lives in New York. It is not a huge inconvenience as they have their own studio in which to record in and are currently working on the debut full length album which should come out in summer of 2006. Even though The December Sound has only released a handful of EP's, their fan base is continuously growing. This is largely due to music internet sites such as myspace which has helped make their name known worldwide. They are currently on several collections including Dead Bee Sampler (France) and All in the Mind (UK). Locally, they are working with Sonic Boom, a friend of The December Sound, who plays in Spacemen 3, and coincidentally, Spacemen 3 is one of the band's influences. Other influences include Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground, Les Razilles Denudes, and Charles Bukowski.

The December Sound's songs mostly talk about "…a way to deal with the double edge sword of pain and pleasure," but some have to do with "…other people learning lessons as well us teaching them or discovering," such as their song "Kill Me." Sarzana stated that "Nothing is better than being a student," and that people need to take the time to listen more because "Everything is so visual it's almost vulgar." As far as The December Sound goes, however, there is definitely nothing vulgar about them. With their unique style and sound, one can only wait with anticipation for their new CD. Meanwhile, they can be seen live in New York City on March 22 at the Lit Lounge and tentatively in Boston at Bill's Bar on March 31. - Karen Sng


IN WHAT MAY as well have been a lifetime of line-up changes ago, drummer Drew Richards asked guitarists Zack Sarzana and Johnny McGuigan what their nascent band sounded like. "A lot of explosions and color," Sarzana replied after careful consideration. The fact that the aspiring musicians had met over many drinks at a party in Jamaica Plain likely had something to do with his picturesque choice of words. No matter Richards loved the description. "Not to sound like Mtley Crue or anything, but I knew that I was going to be in a band with those two guys," recalls Richards over beers at the Middle East. Hes seated next to Sarzana, who subsequently became his band mate in what has since materialized as an extremely promising Boston foursome called the December Sound.
The chance meeting couldnt have come at a more crucial time, according to Sarzana, who is also the December Sounds singer. "I had spent a couple of years writing all these songs and focusing on translating the boredom to something productive," says Sarzana, whose band plays the Middle East Upstairs on May 6. "But I got so frustrated of trying to meet the right people."
Fed up with a revolving-door line-up of musicians who never quite fit, Sarzana placed an ad in the Boston Phoenix searching for musicians who dug the kind of stuff he did: the Jesus and Mary Chain; Brian Jonestown Massacre; lots of reverb and feedback. McGuigan was the first to answer. Richards was the next. Keyboardist Jimmy Rossi, who joins our conversation midway through, was the final sonic piece in the December Sounds deliciously psychedelic puzzle. "When I started playing with them, it felt like I had been around for years it felt like we already knew each other," recalls Rossi.
 Indeed, on their just-released third EP, Kill Me (Before I Kill You), the December Sound not only strongly evoke their post-punk psychedelic heroes (Slowdive, the Verve, and My Bloody Valentine all come up more than once in the conversation), but, more important, they sound like a band that has nailed the template. Both cool aggression and drowsy atmosphere are the order of the day on tracks such as the nocturnal dreamadelica of "Reminder" and the stealthy Spacemen 3esque strut of "Maker." "Reverence" fuses a Stone Roses Madchester backbeat la "Fools Gold" with JAMCs detached, druggy vibe. Meanwhile, the EPs title track sounds ready-made for a Rapture disco-inferno rave. An anticipated full-length album, due out in late summer or early fall, promises similar epiphanies.
If all this sounds a bit retro, well, then so be it. "I think its about knowing your place, and we know that were continuing a tradition," Sarzana says, and its at this moment that I notice the singers wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the Velvet Undergrounds visages underneath his black-corduroy jean jacket. "Thats where a lot of people get into trouble. They think theyre going to change music. The people that change music werent trying to change music. They were just making music, and doing what felt natural, following their instincts."
Floating through Kill Mes fusion of influences, Sarzana sings about quintessential rock-and-roll topics that never really go out of style ("Love, sex, and drugs you know, classic themes," is how he puts it). "I like layers," he says of his bands penchant for stacking guitars, both electric and acoustic, like so many cords of wood and occasionally running them backward through assorted loops and beats. Its even more fun trying to reproduce all this thrill-seeking live, and the December Sound admit theyre still finding their footing on that front. "It still sounds like a big mess," concedes Sarzana with a wry grin. "But now you can actually start to hear the melody through the fog."

The Big Takover

Ive heard nothing but good things about this Boston trio and after hearing their self-titled four-song debut EP I can see why. Fronted by the stylish Zachary Sarzana on vocals and guitar, The December Sound meld the psychedelic swagger of The Rolling Stones circa Aftermath and Their Satanic Majesties Request with the edge of modern day fellow travelers such as Primal Scream. "Born On The Cross," in fact, detonates much harder than anything on the Screams disappointing recent effort Evil Heat with its intoxicating blend of noise and melody. Equally thrilling is the slow burning "Overflowing," which reminds me a lot of a darker House of Love with its chiming guitars and soaring chorus. Cant wait for a full-length!
- By Ben Vendetta


1. "Kill Me Before I Kill You" E.P.
2. "Surfer" E.P. (Limited Edition)
3. "Summers Gone" E.P.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The December Sound have managed not only to keep
an eye on the influences of the past, but also gaze deeply into an opiate hazed vision of the future. This Boston-based band, conceived by Zack Sarzana, started down their road on a four-track recorder with a clear voice and vision that was never hindered by the beautiful tape hiss that their first fans grew to love. Three self-released EPs later, dozens of shows, broken bones and guitars later, The December Sound has stuck to their original vision of perpetual change while never leaving the constants of what
makes music meaningful; Following the melodic sounds in ones head.
Led by Zack Sarzana's gliding guitars and vocal stylings that range from soft and hazy to outright threatening, The December Sound create a feeling of hollowed reverberations, echoing through the air. Jimmy Rossi joins in creating this vicious soundscape with dreamy keyboards and a melodic rhythm guitar that often calls back to Zack’s leads. Keeping the back-beat going is the hypnotic rhythm
section which includes the spiral-like drumming of
Drew Richards, along with newest member Cat Crowley delicately playing a bass that hums through chaos and quiet alike.
The December Sound is currently finishing a full length album filled with all the drones and tones of a great dreamadelica epic. Also planned for next year is another EP including new Re-Mixes by Sonic Boom, and many more live dates along the Eastern seaboard.