The Decline

The Decline


Fast melodic punk influenced by the likes of NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb, Lagwagon & Propagandhi. Throw in socially, politically and environmentally intense lyrics and round it out with a crazy sense of humour and your pretty much have The Decline summed up.


Pat and Doody went to school together at the decidedly un-punk catholic John XXIII’rd College. Thankfully a Christian upbringing only added to their dislike of organized religion. After a few years they met Dan at a party and after trying a few other guitarists they kicked off as a 3 piece playing mostly covers at parties. 6 months after starting to take it all serious they decided to add some depth to the sound and along came former guitarist Jimmy to add some extra depth. 2007 was a test for the bands dedication with regular shows, senior high school exams and to round out the year a support slot for the band that has most influenced The Decline, Frenzal Rhomb. In mid 2008 Jimmy decided to depart the band to pursue other paths outside music. In came long time friend of the band Nathan Cooper to pick up second guitarist duties just in time for a series of shows and to get ready for the recording of The Decline’s debut EP The Same Kind.

Recorded in late 2008 at Begerk Studios by Perth punk recording legend Al ‘Dr Alien’ Smith The Same Kind is a fast and energetic 5 track ep. Typical of the band’s style the EP tackles the subjects of racism, homophobia, capital punishment and religion. Released in January 2009 nationally through MGM Green it is still available for purchase in stores or online via itunes.

Musically The Decline has been heavily influenced by the likes of NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb, Anti-Flag, The Descendents and Propagandhi. The guys are known for their serious lyrics, fast energetic punk sound and crazy on stage sense of humor. The resulting sound is punchy and fast with a good mix of clean vocals and off the chart screams.

Amusing song titles like No Way Jose, Red Chair, Pink Eye, Homophobes Are Gay, and Drop it like it’s Ridiculously Sexist Crap (DILIRSC) don’t quite carry across the seriousness of the bands lyrics.
The Same Kind, No Way Jose, Life Sentence, DILIRSC, and Homophobes tackle some of today’s most serious social and political issues: The war on terror, racism, capital punishment, the exploitation of women and homophobia, whilst That’s Incest My Friend and Oh Fuck are both a blatant laugh in the face of religion.

The band is currently preparing to fly across to record their second release, an album, @ The Blasting Room in Colorado with recording and performance legend Bill Stevenson (drummer from The Descendents and ALL).

The band is currently seeking interest from Australian and International labels to jump on board with them on what they expect will be a crazy few years ahead.


Life Sentence

Written By: Pat Dolin - The Decline


When I was 9 I asked my mother why: The faces on tv were capable such crimes. THEN!. When I was 10, I saw him put to death. I'd never thought that I would see it in this time.

She told me not to worry, said "it's fine" She told me to stay home and that they got what they deserved, to stay in line, don't fight everynight.

When I was 12, I began to ask myself, is murder punishable by death, and does it even help? It doesn't bring the dead back, but it's a danger off our streets. The object of revenge is clear, to fight through angers, and not through tears…

Fuck, would a life sentence suffice? So penalize before they strike. "Push them to the margins make sure they never see the light" Let the punishment fit the crime.

If I could teach the world to think, would a million voices cause end up the same? A harmony so-fucking-great. With unity in masses, Society free from segregation.

So point your gun to my back so I'll follow you along. So I'd support so-called life sentence on that legion dead and gone? If mortality's so punishable then in your face I'll spit. So execute me too?, what a disgrace. You're full of shit!

What Happens when they're gone? Do their ideals live on? To make them pay for their own cause, martyred they create new spawn. Footprints lie, deep inside the earth, a new race of pigs begin to spread. Educated, by the worst.


Debut EP "The Same Kind" out now. Two tracks from the EP are up on our myspace -

Set List

- The Same Kind
- No Way Jose'
- Life Sentence
- Rape Without The 'E'
- Radio Friendly
- That's Incest My Friend
- Oh, Fuck!
- Homophobes Are Gay
- I Killed The Trend Scene
- You Died...Losing 16 Experience Points
- Good Gravy