The Decoders

The Decoders


A talented and exciting rock band with superbly crafted songs and a fun, kickass live show too. Think Green day meets Snow patrol, every section of every song is filled with hooks and melodies to remember.


The Decoders were formed in late 2005 and decided to write and record an album, at this time we were just a three piece, Blake, Jon and Martin.
Martin is a programmer and producer, who had recorded an EP for our previous band "Emersion".
By the end of 2006 we had a fantastic debut album done and started to search for two other members to cover the guitar duties.
Now we have Justin and Luis in the band and have been gigging around London for several months and have been getting fantastic responses from the audiences.
Influences are everything from classic rock like Led Zeppelin/ U2through to Blink 182/Foo Fighters and Green day.
The quality of the songwriting/hooks and thoughtful lyrics always shines through, leaving listeners and audiences singing along imediately and wanting more!!



Written By: Blake Feehan

Bite my lip to stay awake
Eyelids weighing more than gold
Windows down to beat the listless
Finding solace in the cold
I drive my way down 57'
Tell my friends I'm coming home
Left my old life in suspension
As I topple from my throne

( Chorus )
So won't you breath me in and promise me tomorow, contention stains my like again.
So won't you breath me in, I'm drowning in the shadows, so I'm driving home to you.
( verse 2 )
Now this conscience brings no comfort
Underneath a deadpan sky
Tree's still marching in their thousands, as dawn dries her wings to fly.
( Chorus repeat )

So I've been given one more chance
to take what's left and right the past
'cos I've been wrong, yeah that I know
So I would give up all my gold if i could only call this home ...
So I bring you this apology and deepest felt humility
To anaesthetize the words I said
all the stars put in perspective, just how lonely that my life has become, yeah .... without you ..... without you.

( repeat half of verse 1 )


2005 - Emersion EP containing 5 tracks
Dec 2006 - debut album "Cellophane veil" released containing 11 tracks.
Tracks an be heard at : and at

Set List

Typical London show is a 45 minute set of original material.
Crash and Burn
All Alone
Cellophane veil
My Fixation
Come undone
Plastic Lulllaby