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"Rotten to the Core."

The surprise of the night for me was The Decomposed who kicked off the evening with their "Shop of Horrors” punk set. With a logo worthy of the Misfits, matching black leather jackets, and distorted guitars, these guys made sure everyone was out to have fun from the start. Sure, the Nancy-boys out there might be a little off-put by the gothic-punk image and moniker, but it's all in good fun. After all - that's what rock'n'roll is about, isn't it?

This is tongue-in-cheek stuff, delivered with an earnest howl and a wink and a smile. If you can't laugh and sing along to "Cemetery Love" "Devil Train” or "Creepshow" you need to be checked for a pulse and a sense of humor. Adding to the beauty of it all, Dead town’s ever-running projection screen had "Werewolf vs. the Vampire Lady" playing silently on the backdrop while the band rocked out.

Basically, the Decomposed are a marriage of the innocent and profane. This is classic 50's do-wop and rock, amped up to a frenzy and married to Bela Lugosi horror flick lyrics. Keep an eye out for these guys around town and listen for them to pop up on Homegrown anytime now. - by Gary Hizer


Demos: 2002-2005
A collection of the best Demos from the
2002 and 2005 recording sessions

Coming soon the self titled Album from



Their music speaks for itself, Horror Punk at it's finest.

We are The Decomposed; the name comes from the first song we wrote as a band “One Nation Undead”. The Decomposed is great name for a punk band based on Sci-Fi/Horror themes and it looks really good in print. Our major influences include Horror movies, Comic books, the Misfits, Social Distortion, Brian Setzer, Rancid, Elvis, Glenn Danzig, Slayer and many more. The Decomposed were formed in 2003 by Hellmouth and Eyeball Chambers who have had a tough time finding quality musicians over the years, which seems to be the biggest challenge the band has faced. For the first time in five years the band has a solid line-up, a growing fan base and a great band manager, The Decomposed are ready to take the next step toward World domination.

With a catalog of more than twenty five original songs The Decomposed can easily provide a solid ninety minutes of live entertainment. All of our songs are written by Hellmouth and Eyeball Chambers and feature fresh elements from the band’s newest members. We practice our set list together at least twice a week and we like to finish a night of practice working on new material and enhancing our older songs.

The past couple of years have been kind to The Decomposed. Once the band broke free from a contract with a terrible band manager, things have gone smoothly. The Decomposed commissioned a new manager and with his help they have put their website back online, build a new MySpace page, began selling music and merchandise from the website and iTunes, made a live DVD, expanded their inventory of merchandise, gotten a number of significant gigs with national acts, and even laid the building blocks to form their own Record Label.

It’s been a long and difficult road for The Decomposed who have survived many tough times. With the of strength their song writing ability plus the proper discipline, financial backing and distribution The Decomposed will prove their true potential and become the next great Horror Punk band.