The Dee Ford Band

The Dee Ford Band

 Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
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Looking for variety? Looking for you favorite dance rock and pop tunes from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond? Looking for a band that does it all?
Look no further.
THE DEE FORD BAND covers popular dance, rock, pop, and country songs from the 70's up to todays current rock and country.
Take a listen!


Artist Bio

The date, November 1976... Dee Ford and David Cook get together for the first time. At first, it was just a rock band that Dee joined on stage to sing.

Then things began to change. The market got different and the clientele began to change. This brought on a change in the band requirements. Horn sections came and went. Multi-guitars came and went. Female singers came and went. Throughout it all was Dee and David. With a lifetime of practical music and an ear for arrangement, David structured the bands for Dee's clubs for over 20 years providing some of the best live entertainment in the Southeast.

At the turn of the century, Dee was back managing nightclubs, but longing to return to the stage. He contacted David again and set down the parameters for the project. It's taken 10 years and a lot of work and re-work to produce a band that can cover any situation, and still produce a distinctive sound that sets them apart from the rest of the bands.

David's experience in multiple genres includes performing with Nantucket, Mike Pinera & Thee Image, The Allman Brothers, and many other Atlanta based bands. In country, he has performed w/ David Alan Coe, Robin Lee, Ken Mellons, John Anderson, Ronnie Milsap, and The Forrester Sisters. His diversity also includes numerous R&B/Pop projects over the years including artists like Jean Carne, and The Atlanta Collections of Life & Heritage. Although arranging music and vocals for many years, David has only recently begun singing leads, and is now singing 40% of the bands popular tunes.

With Chuck Burney on bass guitar, the band gained a solid foundation in R&B/TSOP/Soul. Chuck comes to the band from years with Clarence Carter, and The Big Poppa Showband. He has been an asset to providing the type of diversity that makes this band a TRUE variety band and his smooth R&B vocal style is sure to please.

Lou Trombley is a classically trained percussionist with a degree from Berklee School of Music who sets the rhythm and provides the back-beat that drives the "Dance Til You Drop" sets. He says there's no difference in the fact that he plays left handed... but there's SOMETHING there that makes it POP. His baritone vocals are a distinctive part of the overall vocal sound.

Mark Manley, on guitar, adds an extra something special with his meld of styles from Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer. Mark's vocal power shows through on the newer songs from groups like Nickleback and John Mayer. His writing abilities are being explored as you read.

Adding a country style to the band is Wayne Hann. A staple name in Alabama's country music scene, Wayne has been performing the best in country music since his teens. Wayne paid his dues playing with such name artists as Tammy Wynette, Lorette Lynn, George Jones, and Johnny Paycheck. From Cajun to Western Swing, Wayne brings it and leaves you wanting more.

With a songlist that has been described as schizophrenic in its variety, THE DEE FORD BAND can play anywhere for any function.. from Classic Rock and Classic Country, thru the 80's and 90's dance craze, to todays pop, rock, and country hits, you'll find there something for EVERYONE.

New to the line up is utility player David Lake. Versatile on acoustic, electric, pedal steel, bass, banjo, and drums, he promises to add another level to the depth of variety that this band can cover.


Fool To Fall

Written By: Wood Newton/Larry Stewart

Three in the morning; I can't close my eyes.
Battle is raging in my heart and mind.
Down to the wire I just gotta let her know
Tell her I love her – She's gonna go...

All of these changes make me so afraid...
Would I be throwing all my life away.
I've always played the part of the one who's free
I'm used to looking out for no one but me.

Am I a FOOL TO FALL? I could lose it all.
In a single night, you could change my life
Should I turn away and not let it show
Am I a FOOL TO FALL? Well here I go.

Nobody told me it would be like this.
What she does to me, how could I miss?
I know the feeling, I know why the fools rush in
In less than a heartbeat I'd do it again.

Am I a FOOL TO FALL? I could lose it all.
In a single night, you could change my life
Should I turn away and not let it show
Am I a FOOL TO FALL? Well here I go.


Should I turn away and not let it show
Am I a FOOL TO FALL? Well here I go.



Set List

With a playlist of over 200 songs, set lists can go anywhere, so we usually "call 'em as we see 'em", calling songs by crowd response. And once we find that "sweet spot", you can expect to dance for at LEAST an HOUR!

- - - - - - Partial Ever Changing Master Playlist - - - - - - - -

38 Special
Hold On Loosely

How Long

Allman Brothers
Midnight Rider
One Way Out
Statesboro Blues

Atlanta Rhythm Section
Angel (What In The World's Come Over Us)
Back Up Against The Wall
Champagne Jam

Bad Company
Can't Get Enough

No Matter What

Ben E. King
Stand By Me

Billy Joel
Just The Way You Are

Billy Preston
Will It Go 'Round In Circles

Black Crowes
Hard To Handle

Bob Seger
Old Time Rock & Roll
Sunspot Baby
Turn The Page

Bon Jovi
Wanted Dead Or Alive

Boz Skaggs
Breakdown Dead Ahead

Buddy Miles
Them Changes

Heard I