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""Chaos control" wins second place on"

(Their) lyrics are sensual and extremely well worded, with a magnificent flow. The music has a strong classic rock appeal with a fresh new sound that the listener won’t be able to get enough of. -

"An interview with THE DEEP END by Becca Cleeland"

I know that you're all based in New York; do you also call it home? Or were you born and raised elsewhere?
Brian: We're from all over the place.
Jaime: I wouldn't call NY my home... more like a concrete summer camp from hell.
Brian: Jaime's from Baltimore, Adam's from Roseau, MN, John's the only pure bred NY'er, and I'm from Kansas.

So, how did 'The Deep End' come to be?
Jaime: The original line-up started in 2002 @ music tech college as a
school project. After a semester of playing together, we decided to
take our music more seriously and move to NY.

Three of you attended Musicteck College, in St. Paul, MN what was that experience like?
Adam: Music tech was great. I got play bass all day...and join the
deep end.
Jaime: I think it was the best learning experience for us,
sonwriting-wise, from all the theory knowledge we gained along the way.

Was it filled with a bunch of pretentious musical snobs or was it a fairly cool, open mined bunch?
Brian: Most were cool, you always have a few jazz-heads that frown on
rock n' roll. Once you get too far into the mechanics of music, you
lose your edge.

When did each of you begin playing?
John: At 8 years old I started playing trumpet and drums.
Adam: I started playing bass at age 15.
Jaime: I officially started playing guitar and singing simultaneously at age 19. Recently I discovered old cassette tapes of myself writing songs at age 3.
Brian: When I was 5, I used to sing all the time. Then puberty hit and my voice left... I had to resort to guitar at 13.

What music were you into as kids?
Jaime: I was into the oldies stations. That's what my parents always listened to.
Brian: The first tape I ever bought was M.C. Hammer. I didn't know any better at the time. In my early teens I started getting into the blues.
John: My musical journey when I started listening to old records like movie soundtracks and stuff. As I got older I started listening to the Beatles and Kiss.
Adam: Back in Roseau, most radio stations played only country music,
so country popped my cherry but rock n' roll got me pregnant.

What music inspires you today?
Jaime: Elliot Smith and a bunch of old shit. Good songs are so few and far between now-days.
Brian: Any music with great song-writing is inspiring regardless of style.
John: Frank Zappa, Beatles, Jazz and old R&B. Stevie Wonder is my daddy.
Adam: Motown, Paul McCartney, and Jaco.

How do they affect the style/sound of your band?
John: Anything that inspires us will eventually find it's way into any song that we write.

How would you describe your bands sound?
Jaime: We have the lyrical prowess of Dylan, the melodic sense of the Beatles, and the power of Zeppelin\
Adam: ...and the legs of Tina Turner.

The song 'Chaos Control' was a first runner up for VH1's song of the year contest, how did you get involved with that?
Brian: We came across a website called Sonicbids where we placed our

Has the national exposure from VH1 changed you at all?
John: Yes, isn't that why you chose us?
Brian: It has made people take us a little more seriously knowing that some one in the music scene digs our sound.

and how about your following?
John: It raised attendance at our shows and boosted CD sales and
website traffic.

Do you have any projects currently in the works?
Jaime: We just finished our latest LP "A million acres of color" and we also completed our independent music video for the song "Head fulla sunshine".

What made you decide to 'self title' your past albums?
Jaime: We wanted the artwork to speak for itself instead of the title.
It was the landscape trilogy consisting of desert, forest, and ocean.

Have you guys ever rocked in Chicago?
Brian: Not yet, we're playing playing the East Coast scene.
Jaime: Our van was stolen in 2004 we were grounded here for a while.

When can we hope to see you in Chicago?
Adam: We just got a new van so we'll see you soon.

Do you have anything exciting coming up this year?
Jaime: A summer east coast tour, various festivals including the Montreal Pop Festival, and we're planning a European tour this fall.
John: We hope to do some more recording this fall also.

Optional Five Fun Facts about the Deep End
1. What is your favorite drink, alcoholic or non?
Brian: Beer, all kinds.
Adam: Jim Beam...I like water too.
Jaime: I used to drink 12 Mountain Dews a day until my doctor advised
against it.
John: H2O and vodka tonic.

2. What did you watch on TV last nite?
Jaime: Dog the Bounty Hunter. Brian thinks he's a douche but I want
to meet him.
Brian: He is a douche... I didn't watch TV last night. I only get 2
channels so I never see anything good.
Adam: The Outlaw Josie Wales
John: Metz game, then Miles Davis at the Isle of Wight.

3. If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?(be honest)
Brian: Hell no!

4. What's on your mouse pad?
Adam: Cheese

5. What was the last thing you ate? (please describe in detail, I'm hungry)
Jaime: Pizza
Brian: Ditto
Adam: A peanut butter and pickle sandwich
John: A luscious subway sandwich

Thanks, you were great!! - Chicago Music Guide

"Review by Max Stratton"

A very impressive band! The Deep End are a bluesy type folk rock alternative band comprised of four expert musicians that write mind blowing put it bluntly.
It is almost impossible to even think about what this band has accomplished. And their independent! In the long list of The Deep End's achievements, they have played some of the most famous clubs across the country including CBGB's and the Continental, not to mention the seven albums they have released. They also have radio play all around the world and their song "Chaos Control" got first runner up in the VH1 Song Of The Year contest.
This group is possibly the best independent band in the country or even world today. Three of the four members have attended music schools which makes The Deep End's sound even more professional and enjoyable. They have put out seven great records that should be looked into. Picks, "Rock And Roll For Sale" and "Breeze In The Shade."
- Northeast In Tune Magazine

"Review by Mike Cochran"

"It's just something different, so much of the music today is the same thing, but theirs is unique.... and that's what this industry needs."

Mike Cochran
Baltimore Sun - The Baltimore Sun

""Tumbleweed" song critique"

Your lyrics are brash and full of sultry attitude that seduce the listener. The vocals absolutely soar on this song! The composition is extremely original and magnificently arranged and played. The diversity and originality of this song make it a must have for any talent buyer. Excellent song!

Anonymous Entertainment Journalist
for - Vh1


8 albums thus far
-The Deep End
-The Deep End ii
-The Deep End iii
-The Deep End "Breeze in the shade"
-The Deep End "Modern tinmen"
-The Deep End "Rock n' Roll for Sale"
-The Deep End "A million acres of color"
-The Deep End "The soul has left my building



"This could be the best unsigned band in America or even the world today," said Max Stratton of Northeast In Tune magazine. Jaime Gylan (vocals and guitar), Brian Cole (guitar), Adam Grafstrom (bass), and John Cina (drums), make up The Deep End. Three of the four members met at Music college, formed the group and took off for the cities spanning from NYC to Baltimore and many in between.
The Deep End has independently written and produced eight albums, two music videos, a live DVD and sold thousands of copies worldwide. The group has enjoyed recent radio play in New York, Florida, Texas, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Japan, and Australia. The bands’ song, “Chaos control” finished first runner-up in the VH1 Song of the Year contest for the month of February. Upon reviewing the song, VH1’s panel of judges replied, “The lyrics are sensual and extremely well worded, with a magnificent flow. The music has a strong classic rock appeal with a fresh new sound that the listener won’t be able to get enough of!"