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The best kept secret in music


"Deep Pocket Three Mix Old and New Rock Together On ‘Myself Outside’"

By Melissa Burke

Denver rockers Deep Pocket Three are bringing old and new rock together in an infectious combination that is challenging to define.

In a recent interview with The Marquee, DP3 said that they are sometimes more immersed in the love of the process of creating music than the final result of their compositions.

Deep Pocket Three’s sound is catchy, with radio-ready tunes that exemplify musical hooks and all the makings of a potentially commercial success. DP3’s songs are comprehensive in a non-conforming pop way, although singing along to them is second nature. Flavored with reggae, ska, modern rock and pop, Deep Pocket Three makes high-energy musical gumbo.

The band’s lineup includes drummer Keith Richard, guitarist and vocalist Zach Lee and Double T on bass. Lee handles penning the songs while collaborating on musical arrangement with his bandmates.

And while Lee writes rock and roll, it sounds as if he’s writing folky songs when he describes the process. “To have my music mean something to other people — help them through certain things in their lives, in a positive way, is why I do it,” he said.

Bassist Double T claims a nonchalant and surprisingly successful approach to life and music. He did not choose the bass; the bass chose him, he said.

His older brother owed him money and gave him a bass as payment, and he has been playing it for ten years.

Richard attended Hollywood’s Musician’s Institute. He said that the time spent in the non-glamourous parts of Hollywood taught him two lessons that he has carried with him in his music. The first rule was to never give up. “The second is if you act like a professional, you will be treated like one,” he said.

The trio has played several Front Range gigs and has already built a small fan base. With the release of their debut CD, “Myself Outside,” the band is looking to expand their local fan base and branch out of the state for a tour later this year.

“Myself Outside” was produced by Lorne Bregtizer, who has worked with national acts such as Method Man, Blues Traveler, Red Man and Joe Satriani.

Deep Pocket Three will play the Toad Tavern in Littleton on March 6, The Paramount Café on March 14 and Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom on March 28 as part of the battle of the bands.

Spectate if you Gravitate:
• Sublime
• Foo Fighters
• 311
- Marquee Magazine

"Returning to roots"

Joanna Larez
October 29, 2004

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The Deep Pocket Three is a modern rock band made up of three guys who will be returning to their Greeley roots for a concert at Bears Sports Grill tonight.

"Our first show was at Bears," said Zac Lee, 25, guitarist and lead singer. "Three years and three bass players later, we're back."

Keith Richard, 26, drummer, and Tristan Adams, 22, bass player and back-up singer, known as Double T, are the other two members of the band. Double T is the newest edition to the 3-year-old band. The current combination has been together for about a year.

"We just got together and started playing," said Lee. "We have similar goals to access music on many different levels."

The Deep Pocket Three plays self-composed music and modern covers with unique twists.

Lee uses his experience in hip hop and ska bands to combine those styles with some good old rock. Double T plays the bass in collaboration with the drums, instead of leaning toward the guitar.

"It adds a lot of togetherness, and really tightens things up," Double T said. "It adds a third dimension to the music with the bridge there."

Their music has a fingerprint style to it, because they change the way they play their music from concert to concert.

"We give a different show every time," Lee said. "We try to keep people on their toes."

Their new CD "Myself Outside," was released in January 2004, and all the songs were written by the band. They write about people they know and past experiences.

"We hope it personalizes it for listeners," Richard said.

Lee said their light-hearted personalities are a key to keeping their music fun. Audience interaction is one of their key sources of energy.

"When the audience starts reacting, an amazing show comes out of us," Lee said.

They expect extra energy at their Halloween concert at Bears, because they said there is something special about coming home. The familiarity of the city brings a special enjoyment, Richard said.

"We hope a lot of people come home for it," Lee said.

The band has been touring the state and hopes to spread their travels across the nation and world. They are currently planning a "Department of Defense Tour." The tour will be a chance for them to play for the troops around the world, although dates are not yet set.

"We want to give a little back," Lee said. "One thing we can do is bring a little America back to them."


Deep Pocket Three plays from 9:30 p.m.-1 a.m. at Bears Sports Grill, 2519 8th Ave., Greeley. Cover charge to be determined. Ages 21 and older.

For more concert dates and band info, visit www.thedeeppocket


Double T

Bass player, back-up vocals. Engaged. He is part of the sixth generation of a Greeley-native family. He attended University High School and the University of Northern Colorado. His goal in life is to make enough money for a stable income by playing music with the band.

Keith Richard

Drummer. The only singe guy in the band. He was born and raised in Greeley, and attended Greeley West High School. After high school he attended The Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He hopes to spend his life playing music, enjoying art and simply having fun.

Zac Lee

Guitarist, lead singer. Married. He was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, but he moved to Greeley when he was five. He attended University High School and he stayed in town to attend UNC. He was a member of the UNC Jazz Band. His goal in life is to live one day at a time and always have fun. - Greeley Tribune

"The Beatdown"

Get out of Denver, baby, go!
By Dave Herrera

Published: Thursday, March 17, 2005

If I were still playing, I'd take a cue from the funkmojones in the Deep Pocket Three and head east instead. Far east. Zac Lee and his bandmates -- bassist Captain Payne and drummer Keith Richard (their real names, no shit) -- will cross the Pacific later this week and commence to rocking the troops. Japan. Guam. Singapore. Diego Garcia. Fourteen dates in three weeks, to be exact, and all on Uncle Sam's dime. Nice work if you can get it. So how did DP3 land the gig?

"We just applied," Lee says. "Actually, I applied in '97 with a different band and kind of went through the process, and they didn't pick us up. So I decided to apply again with Deep Pocket Three. I went through a review that took about a year of sending different press kits in and stuff. Finally they had a tour, and our band fit what they were looking for."

While DP3 won't make the type of connects that their Austin-bound counterparts will -- there's no denying that SXSW is a great place to network -- you can't hate on a free jaunt to the Orient. "You get to take this amazing trip to places you would never, or could ever, get to," Lee enthuses. "It's just something that I've heard of other bands doing, and they've come back with this amazing experience. I've always wanted to do it -- you know, get out and tour and not lose money."

Let's see if I've got this straight: Free airfare and hotel accommodations to play in front of packed houses filled with earnest people starved for entertainment of any kind, and a handsome paycheck to boot? God bless America, boys and girls. - Westword


THE DEEP POCKET THREE’s freshman release “Myself Outside” is a reflection of familiar sounds wrapped up in a shiny, tight new package. The DP3 mix a variety of styles from hard rock, ska, reggae, jam and a host of other musical sty lings, to make up an appealing broad spectrum of musical talent and song writing.

"Myself Outside" was recorded at Colorado Sound in Westminster Colorado, between October and November of 2003. Myself Outside was engineered, mixed and mastered by Lorne Bregizer.

"This album was somewhat of a long time coming" explains Zac Lee. "For the last year and a half we had tried other studio projects and even invested in a home studio. Nothing really ever blew our hair back. You could say we were getting frustrated. We didn't have the big budget to record what we thought would be a strong representation of the band. Plus we just kept wasting money every time we went into a lower budget room. In January of 2003 Keith and I decided the only way we could ever put out the disc we wanted to, was to gig our asses off and save the kind of cash that could afford us the freedom in the studio to put out an amazing CD. A CD that our fans and us could really be proud of"

Myself Outside is a clear representation of Zac, Keith and Double T as individuals; creative, high energy and controlled. Myself Outside is an album that takes many turns throughout it's journey. From the poppy first track "Step into my soul" to beautiful last track "the day the sun stood still" The DP3 takes listeners to many different musical places while staying grounded with music that people really like.

"I hope our latest release will let our fans know that we are serious about our music, and that our commitment to one another as a band as well as our commitment to our audiences has only just begun." Zac Lee

Selling Points:
DP3 is an actively gigging group with 8-10 shows per month in the Mountain Region
“Myself Outside” was produced by Lorne Bregitzer who has worked with national acts: D’Angelo, NSYNC, Blues Travelers, Method Man, Redman, and Joe Satriani to name a few.
“Myself Outside” is radio ready with tight hooks and catchy lyrics.
Artists DP3 sounds like: Sublime, 311, Foo Fighters


Feeling a bit camera shy


The DP3 is: Zac Lee - Guitar and Vocals, Keith Richard - Drums, and Double T – Bass guitar. A line up that has over 20 years combined of experience between them, including some notable projects such as: nGOma and Crypto Star. Not to mention their college level training at The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO and The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Now in their third year as a band, The DP3 have been making big noise on a regional, national and world level. With the independent release of their new CD, “MYSELF OUTSIDE”, in January of 2004, The DP3 have increased their radio airplay and distribution nation wide. With the help of Hapi Skratch Entertainment, a Colorado based company, the band has their CD available on most internet shops such as, and as well as local/regional retailers such as Virgin Super store and Tower Records.

During March and April of 2005 The DP3 was selected from hundreds of qualified bands to go on a Department of Defense Entertainment tour of Guam, Japan, Singapore and Degio Garcia. The band performed a month long tour for US and Australian troops at various military bases within each country.

In June of 2005 the DP3 were crowned winners of 103.5fm Lewis and Floorwax's Last Band Standing competition in Denver Colorado. The highly popular Denver morning show has a listener base of over 250,000 people per day in which the DP3 was exposed to directly for eight days, as well as the large streaming internet audience.

"The Deep Pocket Three's sound is catchy, with radio-ready tunes that exemplify music hooks and all the markings of a potentially commercial success". Melissa Burke, Marquee Magazine

"Denver's best melodic rock band"... Robert Meztcar, Universal Records

"From the Rocky Mountains to the world these guys harbor the talent needed to make it in the ever competitive music industry. Look out for these guys!"

THE DEEP POCKET THREE is a high-energy group that never fails to create a party-like atmosphere wherever they perform. With it’s driving set which contains mostly crowd pleasing originals and some of today’s most popular and requested cover tunes, The DP3 is a hit in all age groups and even within the most diverse crowds.