the Deepsleep Narcotics Co.

the Deepsleep Narcotics Co.


The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. is a 6 piece Electro-Noir Seattle band. Scratched samples, sultry vocals & live visuals float through their triphop soundscapes. Their upcoming release has thumbprints of legendary Seattlites including mixing by Steve Fisk & mentoring from Santana's Michael Shrieve.


The Deepsleep Narcotics Company combines down-tempo, jazz, electronics, scratching, smoky female vocals and dark lap top compositions into a sound labeled Electro-Noir. Their upcoming release and live shows demonstrate a range of sounds: each song moves differently from the rest and no two are alike. They are influenced and inspired by their surroundings – music, literature, film, science, paintings, conversations, politics – which often find a way into the songs.

Their upcoming 2009 full length independent release has been supported by quite a few Seattle powerhouses. Steve Fisk, (mixer/producer/engineer/musician/legend) who has worked with the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Soul Coughing, Maktub, Ben Gibbard, and many more, mixed the tracks and put in his two cents as impulse arose. Michael Shrieve, the original drummer for Santana and the creative force within Seattle-based project Spellbinder, has contributed countless hours to consulting Jay Wilson (drums) and Lena Baisden (vocals) on percussive and vocal layouts, respectively. John Fricke, trumpet virtuoso with a big name and bigger resume in Seattle, laid down beautiful work on several tracks. Everyone involved has put such passion into the album that The Deepsleep Narcotics Company is just that much more eager to share its sounds with listeners.

The Company is a group of old friends making new music. The majority of The Deepsleepers have crossed paths with each other spanning the course of a couple decades and a couple cities. They make this music for themselves to enjoy first, then the world.

In 2005, founding members Tom Morhman (turntables) and Jay Wilson (drums) met Aydin Tankut, a bassist songwriter and Turkish scientist. In 2006, Lena Baisden joined the line up, lending her 1940's-jazz-singers-inspired sultry vocals. By 2007, Lynn Turner began adding her visual art to the band's sounds, projecting her work during performances and contributing an ethereal dimension to Deepsleep shows. Late 2008 brought Brian Arthur on keys, rounding out the band's sound and allowing The Company the flexibility to diverge from sequenced sounds at will.

Deepsleep has performed in Seattle since 2004 and since 2007 has held a monthly residence at ToST Lounge, inviting local acts to join the bill with them. With the completion of their latest full length, the band will be seeking representation and is looking forward to playing new venues, festivals and touring.


So Far Today (2005)
Late Nite Pharmacy EP (2006)
Hats & Trousers EP (2007)

Set List

Lost Cat
Like Insects
Someone To Love*
Glad & Whole
I Saw You
Le Monde

The Deepsleep Narcotics Co.'s typical set is about 45 minutes. The Deepsleep can also do an additional set of instrumentals.

* = cover song