The Deep Woods Band

The Deep Woods Band


We love to get the crowd up and dancing. If they listen to the words they might just learn a thing or 2 about us & themselves. Original songs with a few select covers. Number 20 this week on Neil Young's LWWT, songs of today list.


It is hardly a secret that some people in the music industry are obsessed with labels. They want to neatly classify everything, putting all of it in little, organized folders somewhere on a musical shelf. This sort of musical obsessive compulsiveness has recently infected many modern bands. They spend more time trying to define their band than they do perfecting their craft. There is one band, however, that would drive all of these label-crazed people up the wall. The members of Oregon's The Deep Woods Band see absolutely no need to worry about titles. They are determined to be known as a rock n' roll band that can make people dance, enjoy themselves, and think about the world in which they live.

The Deep Woods Band is currently doing something that is both ambitious and intriguing. The band is led by the blues-tinged vocals and guitar stylings of Bobby Shade. The guitar pyrotechnics of Matt Royston, from shimmering slide work to pounding blues the Mattbroiler keeps it cooking. The Rev. A. J. Studly adds to the sound with his howling harmonica, while The Don Cruse shines on his keyboard. The very solid rhythm section is composed of drummer B.G. Shade and bassist Isaac Jones. With influences as diverse as The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, and Ray Charles, they are difficult to pidgeonhole. It is this eclectic range of inspirations which makes the band nothing short of an experience to see and hear. In the spirit of many of the successful bands of these eras, The Deep Woods Band stands out because they consistently put their own appealing spin on everything they do, be it their carefully chosen cover songs or their infectiously energetic original material.

The band has recently been heading in the direction of jam bands such as The Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic. The setlist is always in flux, and on any given night audiences may hear a psychedelic version of Jim Reeves' 'Room Full Of Roses', followed by the band's latest original song, 'Baby We Got Nothin'. This song keeps with the band's tendency to write social commentaries that are both catchy and thought-provoking. The band is also known for its extended Coltrane-inspired versions of old favorites, such as Donovan's 'Season Of The Witch' and Disney's 'Zip A Dee Doo Da'. This ability to draw creative inspiration from the music that has preceded them has caused The Deep Woods Band to connect with the hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest who have seen them live.

Every once in a while, a band arrives with the nerve, ambition, and confidence to do something different. Often this attempt is marked by a unique sound or a defining look that separates them from other bands. Other times, a group stands out because they simply do not care what other bands are doing. The guys in The Deep Woods Band have made it abundantly clear that their main reason for working together is their love of music. The band is intent on positively affecting people via their entertaining live show. They are confident that passion for one's craft tends to transcend genres and titles. By bringing this attitude to their project, The Deep Woods Band is simultaneously winning over fans and reeking havoc on modern music's tendency to label and sort. For more information on The Deep Woods Band, visit
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Stand Up Man

Written By: Bob shade

Stand Up Man
bob shade 2005

Vamp lick in G

I don't need no black cat bone
Luck's not needed in my home
I don't need no mojo hand
'Cause i'm a stand up man in a broke down land

D Bm
We got it made in the shade, cause we work real hard
D Bm
We got lovin' women, and big back yards
D Bm
We got it made in the shade, cause we lend a hand
A# C7
We are the stand up people in this broke down land

I run my life on truth, not luck
Drive an old VW, not a big Dodge truck
Don't want much past a rock & roll band
'Cause i'm a stand up man in a broke down land


I can't depend on what "they" say
It's up to me to make my hay
To grow my weed, to have my day
You've got to move, just shake a leg


You'll See Me Again

Written By: Isaac Jones

You’ll See Me Again
© Isaac Jones

Intro: Am G Am Am G Am Am G F E Am G Am Am7 Am G Am

Am G Am
The time has come for me to say goodbye to you.

Am G Am
I’ve been here far too long even now.

Am G F E
The winding road is calling me, and I must go, I must be free,

Am G Am Am7
But you can be sure that you will see me again, my friend.

Am G Am
You can be sure that you will see me again.

I hope you see, it’s not that I don’t love you.
A man like me can’t live on love alone.
I can’t both a lover and a wanderer be, and I won’t let your love put chains on me,
But you can be sure that you will see me again, my friend,
You can be sure that you will see me again.

The eagle flies high in the sky,
The fish swim freely in the sea.
They must be what they must be, and so must I, I must be free,
But you can be sure that you will see me again, my friend,
You can be sure that you will see me again.

(dreams of the whether underground)The Wheel Of '68

Written By: Bob Shade

(dreams of the whether underground)The Wheel Of '68 © 2005 Bob Shade
I've been in love and I've been insane
I've slept on mountains and danced on trains
Been thinkn' about those old times
Old friends and where we've been
C Bb A7
The times, they could get dangerous again
Like the monkey on my back again
A thought that leaves before it's here
Like that itch I can't quite scratch
We used to think it was so clear
C Bb A7
The times, they could get dangerous again

One verse instrumental

We've seen it all before this time
Many times before we're through
It daily rises up inside someone
Just make sure it isn't you
The times, they could get dangerous again

Promises that my soul mind makes
That my actions just don't match
The food we wanted yesterday
Leaves a bad taste in the trash
The times, they could get dangerous again

We tried to make it all work out
I tried hard to break it down
I can't remember where we lost the path
Has anyone seen those Clowns?
The times, they could get dangerous again

Where is that Godhead promised me
There's a Death's head at your door
Can we ever climb above this shit?
Are we here forever more?
The times, they could get dangerous again

Repeat First Verse Coda Out
C G Eb D G
The times, they could get dangerous again
C G Eb D G
The times, they will get dangerous again
C G Eb D G
The times, they did get dangerous again
C Bb A7
The times, they are now dangerous again


We have released several cds. None are in print.

Set List

Set 1
Trouble In The Woods = Cm (original DWB)
Stand Up Man = G (original Bob)
I Ain't Got You = E (Clarence Carter)
Kansas City = C (Leiber & Stoller)
Way Down In The Hole = Bb (tom waites)
Drunkards Path = E (original Bob)
You'll See Me Again = Am (Original Isaac)
99 Years Blues = A (Julius Daniels)>
>Viper = A (fats waller)>
>Rider = A (tradtional)

Set 2
Livin With The Animals = D (R.P. St. John)
Never Give A Sucker An Even Break = C (original Bob)
Front Porch Blues = C (original Bob)
Folsom Prison Blues = E (johnny cash)
Jerkin Me Around = C (Original Bob)
Swami = E (60's group william penn V)
A Man Must Bust His Butt = G (Original Isaac)
Hoochee Coochee Man = A (willie dixon)
Baby We Got Nothin = G (original Bob)

Set 3
Once More = E (original Bob)
Coming Into Los Angeles = A (arlo guthrie)
Just Sittin = C (original Bob)
Hang Up Blues = Am (original Bob)
We Gotta Get Outta This Place = C (Animals)