The Defectors

The Defectors

 Aarhus, Central Jutland, DNK

EXCELLENT MUSIC FOR DRIVING! 60's inspired garagepunk, sweaty fuzz, snotty vocals, Farfisa-grinding garagepunk taken into the 21st. century. ABSOLUTELY COOL!


The band is working on new material in their studio Cairo Hi-Fi
2014 will be live come back!

Stumbling through bloody skulls, dirty drinks, dodgy cigarette buds and wasted groupies The Defectors has lined up the perfect night on music, alcohol and whatever, by creating the anniversary album:
Takin Out The Trash!
No sleep - No bullshit!: This release forms the B-sides and outtakes of 10 years of bad music, and sums up the latest, absolutely foul creation of The Defectors. (Aka: The Evil Fuzz kings of Denmark!).

Yeah: Drums
Mort Harder: Vocal & tambourine
Martin Budde: Organ/b-vox
Rune P: Bass/b-vox
Nic: Guitar/b-vox

The Defectors Bruised and Satisfied (2007)
The Defectors pull rigor mortified riffs and horror hooks from outta the darkest depths of Satans belly in order to shake up your listening space and trash your hi-fi. Bruised and Satisfied is the 4th The Defectors album and their bitching brew of slamming Farfisa drenched graveyard garage punk never sounded meaner or better for that matter.
Bruised and Satisfied is recorded in The Defectors own studio Cairo Hi-Fi in their hometown Aarhus. In the fall of 2006 the renowned Danish producer Carsten Heller set up his special microphones and recorded what became a very different rock album. Bruised and Satisfied sounds wonderfully fuzzy, loud and trashy and at the same time the sound is HUGE and detailed.
Bruised and Satisfied is split into two parts. Side A is the horror part as only The Defectors can perform it. Six tales from beyond, taking place in an universe populated by dancing ghouls, creepy crawls and bloodsucking freaks resurrected from the dead. Side B is pure fuzzy garage punk played with nerve wrecking intensity. Of course, this works best on the main format vinyl. On CD the parts are linked by little interludes so these listeners will get the picture after all.
Excellent music for driving by the way all the way baby UGH!
The Defectors Turn Me On! (2004)
Turn Me On! was recorded at Delta Lab Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark and was the first album to be released on Danish label Bad Afro Records.
As the titling and the lusty red cover artwork suggests, something steamy, hot and dangerous is going on in there.
All the way from the shuffling, Cramps-y opener Brought Up As A Dog over the desperate punk statement Leave Me Alone to the swirling garage-dub of the concluding The Zoom-Out, the band just delivers and delivers. There is no doubt that the five members have matured together and are now holding their very own on the Scandinavian rock scene.
At this point in their career, The Defectors were already touring most of the time the band members could see off for that activity. Besides playing shows all over Europe, the band toured North America several times, South America once and did festivals like SXSW, NXNE and Popkomm.
Its Gonna Take Some Time from this album managed to be selected Coolest Song In The World by Little Stevens Underground Garage Radio show. The song also appears in American TV series Entourage..
A revised version of Turn Me On! including three new songs was released on No Fun Records in The US. The album was also released in Russia in August 2006 on SOYUZ MUSIC/Boogeyman.
Some history 1997-2004:
The journey began back in 1997, when members or ex-members of local underground bands decided it was time to pick up on the sounds of their heroes from the garage rock scene, sixties pioneers like The Sonics and The Seeds, and later revivalists like The Fuzztones and Inside Out-era Miracle Workers.
Their 99 debut album, Let Me established the bands sound: fuzzy guitars, restless Farfisa organ and a churning rhythm section, on top of which, lead singer Mort Harder snarls and growls songs about girls, cars and... Well, girls and cars mostly. The album is brimming with tunes that sound like they have fallen through time and landed on a peculiar spot, right between Innocence and Irreverence.
The sudden appearance of the video to the song Alright Girl on several European MTV networks and on Marc Almonds alternative New Music Television showed that The Defectors were in fact producing material that was gasp! appealing to a broader audience. Of course, this came as no surprise to the band, who had seen people go wild to their live shows on a regular basis at this point in time.
Some saw the debut as proof that the band was in possession of a time machine. If so, they took that machine to the 77 punk scene for a few inspirational weeks, before recording their second album, Baby Gimme Love in 2001. The album is harder and more focused, but still takes time off to stray into both darker and mo


1999 Let Me (E.S.P. Recordings/Kick Music ESP 992-1 (LP), ESP 922-2 (CD))
2001 Baby Gimme Love (E.S.P. Recordings/Kick Music ESP 997-1 (LP), ESP 997-2 (CD))
2004 Turn Me On! (Bad Afro Records AFROLP024, AFROCD024)
2004 Live At Gutter Island (Bad Afro Records FRO 1007)
2005 Snot Dum EP (Bad Afro/Crunchy Frog alliance FRO 1008-1)
2006 Give In And Creep Out...(No Fun Records, NFCD-020)
2007 Bruised And Satisfied (Bad Afro Records AFROLP029, AFROCD029)
2009 Takin' Out The Trash! (Cairo Hi-Fi)
2010 Bloody, Bloody Mary 7"
The Defectors also appear on several other split 7” singles and compilations.
(several songs are (or have been) airplayed on different national radios, one on Little Stevens garagenation + a lot of net based radios all over the world.)

Set List

Brought Up As A Dog
Pretty Baby
Trick Daisy
It's Gonna Take Some Time
Leave Me Alone
Creepy Crawl
Baby Gimme Love
Dancing Ghouls
Bruised And Satisfied
You're So Sad
C'mon C'mon
Baby, When You're Gone
The Witch (The Sonics)
Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
(Typical set is 60 to 75 minutes, but showcases are shorter in general)