The Defibrillators

The Defibrillators


The Defibrillators are a Rockin' Blues Band performing original material geared to help aging Baby Boomers on their way to the Social Security Office. With humor, compassion, great musicianship and splendid live performances; The Defibrillators will jumpstart your heart and revive your spirit.


Aging Baby Boomers now have a band whose music reflects their refusal to grow old gracefully. As pioneers of Senior Citizen Rock and Blue-Haired Blues, The Defibrillators poke good-natured fun at the foibles of aging in their contagious blues-based rock originals. Billing themselves as “the World’s Oldest Boy Band”, The Defibs show they can kick it as energetically as (if not as high as) any of the young whippersnapper bands making the scene. Their high caliber of musicianship is offset only by their subtle theatrics during live performances.
They have a rapidly growing fan base and receive regular air play across the nation from DJ's that have discovered their music. The Defibrillators have been performing together for more than four years, and have become a mainstay at the Riverhead Blues Festival for the past three years, the Cedar Beach Blues Festival, the Huntington Fall Festival. Promoters have sought out The Defibrillators to open up for such legendary acts as The Zombies, Leon Russell, Susie Tyrell and others. Television credits include a recent feature on WLIW Channel 21 on Newsday's Act II show and several public access TV shows. Their eponymous CD has garnered rave reviews from Newsday, LI Press, Good Times, LI Entertainment, Aural Fix and every other local press.
All the good fun aside, The Defibrillators have rightfully been called Long Island’s first supergroup by the press. The members of the band are all highly accomplished musicians who have made their mark on the music scene:

On Keyboards and vocals: Sonny Speed who is a well know record producer and studio owner and is the current Director of the Island Songwriters Showcase. (Long Islands largest songwriting organization). Sonny has played with members of the band Orleans during their early years, and has performed with the Drifters, Chubby Checker, and Bobby Lewis as well as headlining his own acts. Sonny also plays the role of the Defibrillators main arranger and producer. The NY Times calls Sonny Speed " A musician and producer known for his professionalism"

On lead and rhythm guitar: Bob “Pops” Westcott who is widely known as a remarkably talented fingerstyle guitarist; he is often in demand to work with other musicians. Bob hosts the longest running Holiday Revue on Long Island. Bob was nominated for a LI Music Award for his solo album “Rollin’ Along”.

On drums: Robert Langley was a session drummer for Shadow Morton. That’s Rob’s drumming on the Shangri-Las’ “Leader of the Pack” and “Walkin’ In the Rain”; Rob also revved that iconic motorcycle! Rob has also shared the stage with Thin Lizzie, Blind Faith and Al Kooper.

On lead vocals and harmonica: Sonny Meadows has been nominated for a LI music awards for his recordings and performances, and presented his Woody Guthrie Tribute in 2000 and 2002 to sold-out audiences. His topical songwriting skill has brought him a lot of attention from the media, and it serves The Defibrillators well; Sonny is the primary songwriter for the band.

On bass: Bobby “Buddy Boy” Cattrano recorded with Billy Joel on the “Cold Spring Harbor” album. Bob has kept the bottom moving with such well-known artists as Little Buster and The Scott Ross Blues Band. Bob is in demand as a session player for many Long Island artists.

On lead and rhythm guitar: Jon “Dr. Max” Foreman brings his hot licks and voice over talents to all of The Defibrillators CD's and shows. Honning his skills in radio, “Max” now brings his talents to songs such as "Side Effects" and "Just Gereatric Gigolos".

Their live performances are something to be seen and heard. It’s well worth going out of your way to catch these guys at one of their unforgettable concerts!


I survived A Triple Bypass Then You Broke My Heart

Written By: Sonny Meadows

I fell for your good looks I fell for your charms
Heart attack on the stairs I fell and broke my arm
I asked for a helpin’ hand you turned your back and gave me nothin’
You even stole the batteries from my panic button
I should have seen it comin’ guess I ain’t that smart
Cause I survived a triple bypass then you broke my heart

I survived a triple bypass – they say it was touch and go
I survived a triple bypass - I got some nasty scars to show
I survived a triple bypass – you gave me a goodbye kiss
Left a get well card and ran off with my cardiologist
I should have seen it comin’ guess I ain’t that smart
Cause I survived a triple bypass then you broke my heart

Thirty years of lovin’ left in a hospital bed
Thirty years of carin’ you left me for dead
Thirty years of marriage you set yourself free
Thirty years of cholesterol couldn’t do what you did to me
I should have seen it comin’ guess I ain’t that smart
Cause I survived a triple bypass then you broke my heart

I beat cancer and typhus, polio and smallpox
I’ve passed kidney stones the size of boulders and rocks
I beat the grim reaper with all his death and disease
Then the woman that I love done brought me to my knees
I should have seen it comin’ guess I ain’t that smart
Yes I survived a triple bypass then you broke my heart


The Defirillators have 3 CDs on Long Island's Noodleman Records:
The Defibrillators - NDL 4409
Still Alive At The IMAC Theater - NDL 4416
Triple Bypass - NDL 4417

Set List

The Defibrillators have enough original material to play three full sets. Song Titles include:

Get Yourself A Middle Aged Man
I Survived A Triple Bypass Then You Broke My Heart
Handshake and an Old Gold Watch
Too Old For That
I O.D.ed On Viagra
Just Gereatric Gigolos
Waitin' For My Ship To Come In
Side Effects
Hey Nurse
Got My New Teeth Today
Widower's Waltz
Blue-Haired Ladies
(I Can't) Do It Again
Fillin' Station Roses
Fool For The Curves
Do It While You Can
Old Yellow Cab
Closin' Down The Diner
When We Were Young
Final Arrangements
Dead Man's Suit
Too Much Too Soon
Cook County Morgue
and many more!!