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Worlds Apart

Written By: The Deficits

Well I dont believe in the sun, or the moon or the stars in the sky. I think we live in a box, painted ceilings and sides.
Thats why I hold you close,
thats why I keep you near,
like my bag of dope,
like my deepest fears.
You're my stage,
you're my song,
you're my deepest regret.
You're the rage, you're the motherfucking deficits
of my mind and my soul, everything that I owe is in you.

And I'm holding on,
I'm getting by,
Fuck everyday,
Just getting high.

But there's nothing we can do,
so I'll write another stupid fucking song,
I wanted you hear for this,
if for anything at all.
But you cease to exist any longer to me,
so now we live for alcohol and nicotine
and smoke filled rooms listening to "Jugband Blues."
I'm a dream, you're awake. So I give and you take.
But you can't take the best of me hidden so far in the depths of the wood of my acoustic guitar

So I'm holding on,
and I'm getting by.
Fuck everyday,
just getting high.
Some sunny day, we'll reminisce.
Til' then I clench your heart inside my fist.