Toronto, Ontario, CAN

20 years now gone, my bones will rot into the ground.
But I still know in my cold, dead heart
that when we were alive, we were the sound
that carried this life, that carried this art.
Dont hold back now, we're only worlds apart
and I'll see you soon, we all gotta go


Formed in 2006.
The Deficits are a Punk Rock band out of Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada.
Formed in 2006 as a two-piece Acoustic Punk/Folk group and turning into an electric four-piece in 2009.

They've released two albums, and have recieved album reviews from both and Exclaim!. The band has been performing live for the past 5 years and since, has toured the majority of Ontario, played in the basements of American cities and have shared the stage with various notable acts such as The Flatliners and Spencer of Attack In Black.

They are currently recording a follow up Full Length to 2009's Electric E.P.


The On Fire E.P (2006)

The Electric E.P (2009)
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