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The Definition

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Definition – “Can’t Take Mine”…. And this is why I love hip-hop."

I’ve been to some independent hip-hop events over the years and experienced quite a few performances. After your first few, you start to realize how tough it is for an artist to be heard let alone move a crowd of people who are there to see the headlining act, which a lot of times, is also independent.

As a fan of the music, it’s easy to get burnt out. Between the rappers devoid of emotion who pace the stage with a blank stare and so-called “artists” who open for label acts but seem to lack any sort of passion, it is very easy to get burnt out and never visit an indie show again.

But if you’re a true fan of this music, especially the underground, you also know that the reason you keep going to shows all over your state is to catch those magical “moments”. I experienced that at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan last Friday when The Definition took the stage before Action Bronson. The Definition is a four-piece band + 1 MC Mola1 out of Detroit. We just had Mola1 sit in on the Show the previous night and the live listeners loved his freestyles. He told me “you gotta see us live man, nobody rocks it like we do”, so needless to say, I was curious to see the show with the entire band.

The crowd filled the space out and Paradime just left the stage. While the band’s keyboardist, electric cellist, bass guitarist, drummer and their MC Mola1 sound checked, people started to fill in up at the stage’s edge. I stood in the back checking out the scene and leaned back to my wife who was there with me and said “This right here, is what it’s all about” as I explained the silhouettes of hands in the air, dim lighting, the smell of alcohol and sweat with a hint of pot, a packed house, an energy in the room most artists would kill for and a sound man that knew the acoustics of the space so well it felt like you were wearing a pair of $1200.00 Sennheiser headphones.

Then The Definition gets to rocking and had the whole room moving, even Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg’s head was bobbin’. No really.

It was one of those moments where it was tough to keep my eyes on the LCD screen of my camera and not sit back and enjoy the show as a fan of hip-hop. It’s not to often you experience the rawness of a show like this, with artists who believe in their music so much it blares through the mic out the speakers and into your soul, making you a brand new fan of the music all over again.

It was a great show, I was glad I went and had the opportunity to film it. The Definition is definitely on to something. -


Our enthusiasm for The Definition began after we met Jeff Ehrenpreis at Gusoline Alley, and continued to build after we heard the band’s CD, and gained unstoppable momentum when we we’re privileged to sit in on a jam session inside a Birmingham dojo. For the first time, “novelty” has not soured in our ears. By blending the discipline of classical music (yes, that’s an electric cello) with strong, original hip-hop rhythms, The Definition has succeeded in creating unique and incomparable sounds worthy of notice. If this is old news to you — if you’ve already heard the magic at Black Lotus or The Detroit Pub — well, fine. If not, you owe it to yourself to catch Jeff, Martin Malota, Derek Buford and Kamau when they ascend on the stage at The Berkley Front on August 14. Roll over, Beethoven! - Robert del Valle, Real Detroit Weekly

"The future of Detroit Music"

I've had the opportunity to see these guys perform at several venues in the Detroit Area and they are truly unique. Their talent and creativity separate them from the thoughtless mass of performs out there just making noise. You will be entertained and encouraged by their sound as I am and equally enthused that someone out there still gives hip-hop its due. It’s worth the bucks on iTunes, and more importantly, worth the trip to see The Definition LIVE.
- Reno Kasak, Metro Times

"More than just Hip-Hop"

This is more than just hip-hop, it's more than just rock, it's more than just some guys who got together to form a band. This is art. The Definition are a fantastic group of musicians and a very talented lyricist. All four songs are incredible and anyone who loves music with passion, creativity and heart should buy this EP. I love this band and what they're all about, they're outside the box and they represent the Detroit music scene incredibly. Give them a listen, you won't be disappointed.
- Jason Bondarek,

"Definition defines itself further"

First, you just don't see an electric cello everyday.

Second (and no less importantly), you probably haven't seen The Definition yet. They aren't into PR (much) and they've depended almost entirely on their audiences to spread the word about the music. It's definitely succeeding - and you can form you own opinion when the guys show up at the Berkley Front on August 14.

By blending the best elements of classical music with the modern spirit of hip-hop, this ensemble (Jeff Ehrinpreis, Martin Malota, Derek Buford, and Kamau) is creating a sound that is unmistakeably unique and memorable. - Robert del Valle, Detroit Metromix

"Radio Interview with MOLA1"

A couple weeks ago I sat down with MOLA 1 from the Definition Band. We discussed many things from Karate to the Electric Cello. Martin (a.k.a. MOLA1) was also recently cast in a movie, one of the many that have been in production around the Metro Detroit area. To find out more about the Definition Band and the man who wears many hats take a listen!

To listen to the full interview please visit: - Robo Robb


Self Titled EP, independent, 2009



The Definition.
the def-uh-nish-uhn – band
1. the act of defining or making distinct, or clear
2. statement conveying fundamental character
3. distinctness and accuracy of sound
4. determination of the limits

The Definition is an eclectic collection of musicians hailing from the city of Detroit whose sound is as culturally diverse as their surroundings and backgrounds. They are a band that can fit into many genres but cannot be confined to just one. They believe that their blend of rock, hip-hop and classical music is exactly what the music world needs right now.

Most people would consider a Hip-Hop Lyricist and a classically trained Cellist an odd combination, but to front man Martin Malota and cellist Jeff Ehrinpreis it was ingenious. The two teamed up in 2008, forming The Definition, and set out with one goal in mind; to change music forever. By combining Malota’s unique, free verse poetry with Ehrinpreis’ original compositions, they created a fresh, new style unlike anything ever seen before in music. In order to complete their vision, they sought like-minded, talented musicians who would be as passionate about the project as they were. With the addition of Drummer Jeff Canady, Bassist Kamau Inaede, and Keyboardist Brandon Holland, The Definition was complete and ready to share their creation with the world.

The energetic front man for The Definition is Martin Malota, aka MOLA1. MOLA1 weaves confident battle raps and storytelling, bringing the audience into his life and his heart within each song. With profound lyrics that could be published as divine poetry, a striking stage presence and passionate delivery, MOLA1 makes a case for himself to become one of the best rappers of all time.

Electric cellist Jeff Ehrinpreis, aka Pri$e, is the one and only musician of his kind. He produces seemingly impossible melodies worthy of the symphony seconds before diving into riffs hard enough to satisfy any rock enthusiast. Pri$e bounces from wah-wah to distortion pedals, plucking and bowing his way through each song as if his life depends on it.

On the bass is Kamau Inaede. The meaning of his name, Quiet Warrior in Kikuyu, lends itself perfectly to his style. He's not flashy or boastful, but rock solid and can't let you escape without feeling struck by his bass lines. His subtle performance adds a layer of depth to the already immersive sound The Definition produces.

Drummer Jeff Cannady, is known as one of the most talented and respected drummers in Michigan. Jeff makes drumming to be about more than keeping rhythmic timing. With his hard hitting beats complemented by his intricate fills, Jeff is the foundation that the band stands on and the audience claps and stomps their feet to. He transforms drumming into its own art form.

The Definition exemplifies what can happen when raw talent meets dedication.

“The Definition is not the meaning, meaning it’s not the reason we named the group after a theme on the spot, but rather when we’re on top there ain’t a question. Mark the start of the beginning, call the D on the block The Definition.” – The Pendulum