The Defog

The Defog

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Defog is an indie rock band located in Philadelphia. A collage of flowing pianos, eclectic samples, punchy guitar, melodic bass, intricate percussion, and emotional vocals build the framework for this unique ensemble.


The Defog is an original Philadelphia area indie quartet.

They self-produced two EP's in 1999 that led to a brief stint of shows in early 2000. In 2002 they released their debut LP, “Dying in Crosswalks.” Shortly thereafter, their song “Dewey Decimal” was licensed to Shuteye Records for their Buzzlighter compilation. Throughout 2004, the band attracted new listeners by performing live shows in the New York City and New Jersey markets.

Later that year, the band quickly recorded a 4 song demo called “Sounds from the Stars,” which increased their regional and national profile. In quick succession, The Defog was selected as a finalist in Billboard's Independent Music World Series, had television spots of their song "Downstream" on MTV shows “The Real World,” “Meet The Barkers,” and “Real World/Road Rules Challenge,” while another track, “Calibrated,” was also featured on “The Real World.” This increased airplay and market presence led directly to Sounds from the Stars being in the initial selection list for Grammy Nominations in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Album, Best Song, Best Performance by a Trio or Quartet, and Best Album Art.

The band returned to their home studio in 2005 for the next year to record their sophomore LP, “Ebb and Flow.” This album opened doors to a broader fan base and was received well by critics. As a result of this increased visibility, they performed on MTV's “TRL” segment called "On Your Radar.” Several tracks from this album received radio airplay in media markets across the country, and in late 2007 they were named one of Billboard’s “Artists of the Week” for the week of October 29th.

In June of 2008 the band returned to the studio to record their third full-length album, “Light Bright.” A departure from their previous work in both sound and concept, Light Bright set out to capture a set of more energetic and light-hearted songs.

Following the release of Light Bright in 2009, the band was feeling a sea change. They needed a home for the darker, more experimental songs written during the recording of previous albums. These unreleased, but not forgotten songs never quite fit in. As the years passed, the desire to share them with others grew. In July of 2011, the album was released for free digitally and was instantly received well. The track "Clouds on Fire" was featured in Ramen Music Issue #6, and had a top rated review by the Daily Vault.



A Lamp Provided Shade

Written By: Charles Stieg

I drew a sign for you
Sometimes it'll shine real bright
I tried to keep them locked up
Bet I let the bulk of them go
I read a sample about a man who had control
I've got that stiff upper lip held and a glass jaw
I can stop the movement if I think, I'll hold, I'll hold
the thought close to me
I'll hold the carbon, oh so cold

a lamp provided the shade

I'll hold it close to me and I will make the stand
A blink weighs a lot on me, with hold let loose my hand
Ease the tension of the knob that spins inside my head
So when I wind down twist me up again

a lamp provided the shade

I can stop the movement if I think I'll hold, I'll hold
The thought close to me, I'll hold the carbon, oh so close
With the litebright pegs and handkerchiefs spilt on the floor
I'll change shadows into angels when I close the door

The Accidents

Written By: Charles Stieg

I have been sleeping, breathing, shaking
So orange and red
Shots to the sinkhole
Dispose of dreams in bitter end
The accidents, they come with desperation
So orange and red, predicting complication

Today, Tonight and everyday that follows
Tonight, Tonight amidst the constant sorrow

Split down the middle
Expose your heart
Words proved so clear
Oneiromancer, predict what's next
My time is too dear
The accidents, they come with desperation
We're clearly spent, prone to asphyxiation

All Paths Away

Written By: The Defog

Candles on cake
Got too far lying away
Got too far, got where you are
Where you go, there you are
Turn around, a big mistake
Got too far lying awake
Gone too far for me to take

Struck a nerve
Broken to bits
Pulling out all of your fits
Blowing out candles on cake
Counting out moments we make

Longing away for the things you want
You'll never come to a stop
Just like you care for the things you don't
You'll never come to a stop


Written By: The Defog

This bottle's leaving, I know it's alone

with every feeling I've got in my bones

Stop thought enough times, let it seep

Let it run downstream to another canteen
If a thought gets crossed with someone else's
fuck it, we'll drink and turn it to steam

And if i pick the process up, i'll see
if all these bottle caps have meant a thing
We mixed a cocktail of both chance and dream to drink our brains out

This bottle's leaving, I know it's alone
Things weren't completing a thing on their own
Changed thought enough times, every time
Every drop I see is a bottle to me
So when speed picks up i'll smash them up
and send them downstream to another canteen

But it's draining on me

Fears for a Teenage Brain

Written By: The Defog

There before I even left
Becoming part of the macro dead
Walking through their cobweb brains
Hanging from their micro threads

Threads and arches build the seams
Flashlights searching with their beams
Thin as paper, on your knees
Who is that you have to please

You wouldn't notice it unless it's left for the dead
You wouldn't notice it unless it's beat in your head

Sitting in recycled pasts
Cutting open setting casts
Opening up mending scars
Sat to watch me fall apart

You wouldn't notice it unless it's left for the dead
You wouldn't notice it unless it's beat in your head


The Shadow Companion - 2011 LP

Light Bright - 2009 LP
"All Paths Away" - National Airplay
Streaming of entire album on most networks

Ebb and Flow - 2006 LP
Streaming of entire album on most networks

Sounds From the Stars – 2004 DEMO

Dying in Crosswalks - 2002 LP

Set List

Sets can vary from thirty minutes to an hour+ depending on the time constraints. All original music.