The Defog

The Defog


The Defog is an alternative indie rock band located in Philadelphia. A collage of flowing pianos, eclectic samples and loops, punchy guitar, melodic bass, intricate percussion, and emotional vocals build the framework for this unique ensemble.


The Defog has established itself as one of Philadelphia’s most characteristic and original bands
Formed in the summer of 1997, The Defog sought to find an energetic sound with a focus on songmanship. They spent their earlier years piecing together the instruments and melodies that would distinguish them from others. A collage of keyboards, samples and loops, solid guitar, driving bass, intricate percussion, and emotional vocals was soon conceived. “The Defog is not afraid to experiment while creating such well-structured soundscapes.” - 5/5 stars, Origivations Magazine, July 2004.

After these long-time friends refined their song writing abilities, they self-produced two EP’s in 1999 that led to a brief stint of shows in early 2000. Feeling confident with their sound, but still unsatisfied with their recorded content, the band decided to return to the studio. The next year of writing, recording, and engineering would be strenuous, but fruitful. With the release of their debut LP Dying in Crosswalks in 2002, a weight had been lifted. The song “Dewey Decimal” was licensed to Shuteye Records for their “Buzzlighter” compilation, which had radio play on hundreds of college stations. This fueled the band in their future endeavors as it attracted new listeners.
In 2003, one could find The Defog at any number of venues throughout Philadelphia including The Grape Street Pub, The Khyber and The Balcony. Throughout 2004, the band broadened their horizons by extending their playing grounds into New York City and New Jersey. The band’s recent shift in focus towards gaining additional regional and national interest through their latest demo Sounds from the Stars has started to pay off. The Defog was selected as a finalist in Billboard’s “Independent Music World Series,” has had airplay of their title track “Downtream” on Bumin-Murray’s The Real World, and airplay on the Philadelphia radio station Y-100. Known for their inspiring live performance, the band entices their audience with a vivid audio-visual experience that “any music aficionado should check out.” - Harrisburg Online
Due to their hard work and highly motivated nature, the sky is hardly the limit for this band.



Written By: The Defog

This bottle's leaving, I know it's alone
with every feeling i've got in my bones
Stop thought enough times, let it seep
let it run downstream to another canteen
If a thought gets crossed with someone else's
fuck it, we'll drink and turn it to steam

and if i pick the process up, i'll see
if all these bottle caps have meant a thing
we mixed a cocktail of both chance and dream
to drink our brains out
this bottle's leaving, i know it's alone
things weren't completing a thing on their own
changed thought enough times, every time
every drop I see is a bottle to me
So when speed picks up i'll smash them up
and send them downstream to another canteen
But it's draining on me.


Written By: The Defog

clothespin your eyes till you see change
quarters and dimes, that's not for me
stuck out my hand, reached for a grain
of peace of mind, I'm not to blame

asterisks go by, I don't know why
asked them to stay, just for the day
who would deny? I'd pass it by
caught in this phase, stuck to her gaze

Caught in your line, you pull me in
hung out to dry, sun becomes dim
stars move so fast, straight through my veins
your fragile mind drives me insane

Corner Stores

Written By: The Defog

Broke the sky, drove all night
Corner stores, the headlights
People turn on my street
people turning at my feet

dropped my business on your head
my street's labeled with a dead end

I will make my turn
when I come to brake

All my walls are so thick
painted over colors picked

Get it out the way for me
Out in space, tolls are paid
Killed the night
Soon'll be light

Scraped the paint down
shut the lights off
turning, turning
breaking harshly
had a blowout
lost control but
this is something
that i've done before


LP - Dying in Crosswalks 2002
EP - Sounds from the Starts 2004

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