The Def Pterodactyls

The Def Pterodactyls


Imagine cultivating a musica joyous flower; warmed by the vibes of reggae, strengthened with roots of funk, and polinated with latin montunos. This flower oozes with an infectious nectar of dance, and is always accompanied by pixie-dust spreading hula hoopers and twirlers.


A travelling tribal affair, only a 3 piece, but our bus is always full - kids, hula hoopers, twirlers, tap dancers, hitch-hikers and just generally good folk. We are advocates for the arts, and encourage those who attend our shows to become part of them. We know and believe in the importance of personal expression, and see every show the power and healing it brings to those in attendance. Home base is a log cabin on 10 acres of thick forest on the shores a spring fed lake, which is host to art workshops and music seminars. The rootsy surroundings help ground the Pterodactyls while home and lends our songwriting some organic goodness. We aim for the heart, always trying to turn people towards the future, away from life's less pleasant moments and into the ever-present. The three of us conceive and perceive music's inherent soul, the sum is much greater than the parts.


All our shows are recorded and available to those interested. Well over 30 original tunes, but no studio time to date.

Set List

Normally play 2-3 sets for a 4 hour gig-
1st Set - 1 1/2 hrs
2nd Set - 1 hr
3rd Set - 1 hr
Normally perform 60-70% original, covers include works by the artists: Bob Marley, Sublime, Johnny Cash, Jack Johnson.
Original Songs:
Wake Up Song, Gravity, Oceana, Pot of Gold, The Letter, Green Field Endeavor, Tuck and Roll, Right By Your Side...