Déjà Fuze

Déjà Fuze

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Déjà Fuze is a band chock full of expressive, progressive, and creative vision. The four melody makers at the center of Déjà dial into each other’s wavelengths, releasing music that oscillates with the frequencies of your state of being.


Originally from Buffalo, New York, the band officially formed in January of 2009, and has been exciting the senses of audiences around the New York and North Carolina areas ever since. Nietzsche’s, The Tralf Music Hall, Weekend off Festival, Utica Music Festival, Pisgah Brewing Company, MoDaddy’s, and Lexington Avenue Brewery are just a few of the prominent stages at which they’ve performed.

While their sound has been crafted from a colorful spectrum of influences, jazz, progressive rock, funk and electronica are the most notably emitted. Their driving progressive electric sound creates a complex and dynamic live atmosphere which allows audiences to make the sonic journey through, or give into the spirit of the pulse.

Spring of 2010 was a true change of seasons for the band as they recorded their debut EP, “Some Sort of Green,” and departed New York for North Carolina, where they continue to evolve in the ever-eclectic Asheville. Back in Buffalo, Déjà Fuze was named one of the top five local bands of the decade in 2010 by music writer, Jeff Miers.


Some Sort of Green-2012

Set List

Holistic Sensation
Floating Freely
Solar Winds
Big City Sweep
Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Schmidt Bigner
Catch It with a Net
Funkin' After Midnight
Crazy Cardinal
Some Sort of Green
Lone Hadrone
Fedoras & Flashlights
You Call That Music!
Prism of Lyra
Vista Point
Far Too Tall
After the War