The Delfields

The Delfields


The Delfields are an indie pop group that combines driving drum beats and bass lines with lush surf guitars, new wave-esque synthesizer passages, and strikingly melodic vocals.


The Delfields are an indie pop band located in New Brunswick, NJ, where the genre is virtually non-existent. Driven by a constant focus on melody and texture, the band creates an ethereal and hazy pop wall of sound. The tight rhythm section sometimes doubles as a melodic counterpoint for calculated guitars and keyboards. The instrumentals set the perfect stage for soaring melodies comprised of tapestries of abstract yet vivid lyrics.

What people have been saying about The Delfields:

"With their studied blend of psychedelic rock, surf music, and indie-pop incorporating itself with the group’s melodic prowess...It should be accepted to expect plenty of brilliant melodies soaked in reverb on Ogres....If these guys do not find themselves on a respectable label by the end of the year, I will be quite surprised."

"Tracks such as 'A Slippery Slope Honest Medley' and 'Our Beds' have a fun up-tempo sound that perfectly blend acoustic guitars, simple melodic keyboards and complementary laid-back drumming into a cheerful soundtrack for midwinter."


Ogres 2008

Set List

We play our album Ogres as well as some new unrecorded material.