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----- Brian Harman
Artist: The Delta Flyers
Title: On the Levee Road
Label: 08001

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Although this album has been available for just over a year, it seemingly has been
sadly ignored, nonetheless it has proved good enough to eventually poke its head
over the fence and gain the recognition that it surely deserves. The heart and soul
of the Delta Flyers are the Houston, Texas based acoustic duo; Stevie DuPree;
who supplies lead vocals and harmonica and guitarist; Travis Stephenson. All the
ten numbers on the album have been written by Stevie, some of them from a
personal perspective whilst others have been garnered from the many tall tales
that have been told by many a soul that has travelled upon the world famous
highway Sixty-One, using the many different styles and influences of the blues
that are to be encountered on such a journey.
From the first number onwards you are struck by the friendly welcoming medicine
show openness of the music, an enticing mixture of Southern goodtime rocking, to
home-grown rural roots that are sprinkled with a tincture of walking blues. A
hypnotic combination of enthusiastic slapping upright bass and a scintillating,
salivating laid back brushing of the drums force your feet to unconsciously tap the
Paul’s vocals have a suitably rasping and sometimes melancholic timbre which he
matches with his flawless sympathetic rasping harmonica. Travis meanwhile
suitably impresses with either acoustic or resnophonic guitars; he effortlessly and
deftly supplies emotion filled passages whilst also enjoying, his displays of highly
rumbustious goodtime guitarwork.
A very fine toe-tapper!

----- Brian Harman - Blues Art Journal

The Blues Are Alive in Houston!!!!
I had the pleasure of judging the Delta Flyers at The International Blues Competion in Memphis this year and they were great! Steve Dupree, the singer and harmonica player was outstanding in his song writing abilities and his soothing, sultry, determined, matter of fact Blues-style approach to his music. True Blue's fans will love this CD, as will anyone that enjoys just Good music. I believe the best is yet to come from them.
Submitted by Ralph Plumlee (Memphis, Tn.)
- CD Universe

A totally terrific CD from Stevie DuPree, Delta Flyer captures the diversity of his heritage. The recording quality is crystal clear, the musicianship is impressive, and the songwriting provides memorable tracks. Harder Than A Fat Man (live) has an awesome story line, great hooks, with catchy lyrics and licks. Steady Thinkin brings along wonderful up-beat rocking blues, and Stevie is no doubt gonna get the girl in this tune. Excellent harmonies are presented on When The Deal Goes Down. Every Monkey Woman has a wonderful groove; it is cute and a terrific dancing tune. An exceptional musical number has to be Queen Bee; alive and buzzing with piano and guitar solos. Our two picks: Please Think Of Me is a sensual saxophone-laced duet, and the toe-tapping Driving Rain with delicious fiddle in which Stevie shows his bluegrass roots. If you enjoy rockin' blues, you will delight in this CD. Pick up a copy today! - Terri D. (for RadioIndy)

DELTA FLYERS: ( That's the duo of Stevie Dupree, vocalist/harmonica player and Jack Saunders (, acoustic guitarist and resophonic (dobro) slide guitarist. Dupree sang in a strong, smoky voice with very good tone and range. He has a strong upper register and used it quite effectively. Dupree is also an ace harmonica player. But more than that, he's a truly gifted songwriter. Saunders, a virtuoso guitarist/slide guitarist and winner of multiple Houston Press Music Awards, was in superb form. They performed Dupree's timeless original songs from their 2007 release, On Levee Road (reviewed below.) All of the songs had intriguing melodies and clever, compelling lyrics. They blurred the lines between blues and bluegrass. Every song was a highlight, earning them well-deserved ovations. A few of this reviewer's favorites were "These Blues," "Railroad Bill" "Pony Dance," "Three Legged Dog," "Aidie Jean" (super slide!) and "Double Down Junior." Bravo! Bravo!

ON LEVEE ROAD: Delta Flyers (, April 2007. This album has 10 excellent songs, all composed by Stevie Dupree. Dupree sings and plays harmonica with all the fervor of a Southern tent revival preacher and the all the despair of a man who has lived alone, nursing his heartaches for an eternity. This is Southern roots music; it blurs the line between blues and bluegrass. A master lyricist, Dupree's story-songs are as real and large as the Delta Flyer itself, roaring down the tracks into legend. Dupree's partner, master instrumentalist and vocalist Jack Saunders (, plays acoustic guitar, resophonic (dobro) slide guitar, upright bass and does backing vocals. Guest musicians with (to borrow a phrase) the right stuff add drums, percussion, mandolin and Scottish side drum as needed. The Delta Flyers won the 2008 International Blues Competition for single artists/duos in the Houston Region. So I expected a certain level of competence on the fly. I'm pleased to report that this album rises above it, sometimes significantly above it. Staying within a blues framework, the tracks change styles smoothly. "Delta Flyer Blues" opens the CD. This fast-paced song tells of a lonely man taking the Delta Flyer home to his girl "… 'cause I can stand we're apart." "Three Legged Dog" chronicles the woes of a man whose young girl left him because he likes "Them city women and my liquor when it's strong." On the title track, Dupree sings of dangerous outlaws on the Levee Road. "Railroad Bill" tells the tales of a handsome train man and a girl that "… come equipped complete with a racin' motor." The mournful slow song, "These Blues," is a powerfully emotional rendering that captures the very essence of lost love blues. The other songs on the CD are equally well crafted. Very highest recommendation.
- Jim Shortt

The audience at "THE PIG" on world famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee were in for a treat as The Delta Flyers (Stevie DuPree & Travis Stephenson) took the stage. There had been a buzz in the air about these two, so the crowd was ready to see what it was all about. It didn't take long until we were right in the middle of one great show. Soulful vocals, good humor, melt your heart melodies, not to mention some hot harp and swingin' guitar made for one heck of a show. Everybody was clappin', stompin' and singing along. By the end of the show, there was no mistaking...these guys were the real deal!

---Lisa DelGrosso - VP Houston Blues Society
- Lisa DelGrosso

It had all but stopped raining as we walked across the puddled parking lot and entered the Third Ward juke joint, “What Not,” on Leeland. You could hear the band playing from the street, and the smell of BBQ beckoned you inside where the Delta Flyers, comprised of Stevie DuPree and Travis Stephenson, were well into their first set. A small colorful neighborhood crowd, as well as friends and fans of the band, were already enjoying the grease from the stage as well as the BBQ. Stevie DuPree’s roots harp, coupled with his strong confident vocals, was already spinning yarns and tall tales of life and love, personal recounts put to verse … a talent that has brought him considerable recognition as a local songwriter. Accompanying him on guitar, the tall and lanky Travis Stephenson, a young man with an old school soul laying down smooth Delta slide guitar. A style best described as a combination of Crossroads meets Texas roadhouse. Here’s a roots duo keeping alive the great Houston blues tradition, yet could easily be playing the soundtrack of travelin’ the 61. A duo deserving wider recognition … you bet!

The Blues Hound
90.1 FM KPFT Houston
- The Blues Hound


Nothing But The Truth CD, w/ The Dudes, June 2004,
Soulbilly Music - Volume One CD, w/ The Dudes, November 2005
Delta Flyer CD, March 2007
On The Levee Road CD, January 2008



The Delta Flyers are an acoustic duo featuring original Blues music woven around the different styles of ethnic music that are to be found as you travel along Highway 61 from New Orleans all the way to Chicago. Some of the songs relate to places and occurrences that are significant to the history of the Blues, some are drawn from personal experience, some are just tall tales, but all are enjoyable.

Stevie DuPree has joined forces with songwriter and guitarist, Travis Stephenson to form the core of The Delta Flyers. The combination of DuPree’s years of experience on the road and the consummate guitar work of Travis Stephenson, a true student of the Blues masters, resulted in a unit that delivers dynamic, memorable performances. Whether it’s gritty, Reso driven Blues from the Mississippi Delta or upbeat boogie straight out of the roadhouses of Texas and Louisiana, The Delta Flyers bring it every time.

2008 saw the release of their album, “On The Levee Road”, to good reviews and worldwide airplay. "On The Levee Road" was up for nomination for a 2009 Blues Music Award. The Delta Flyers have also represented the Houston Blues Society and Southeast Texas at both the 24th and 25th annual International Blues Challenge held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Stevie DuPree's 2007 solo album, "Delta Flyer", has been nominated for Best Blues Album by the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

The Delta Flyers are indeed a fresh new face in the Blues community and their career is definitely on the rise.

Publicist - Betsie Brown of Blind Raccoon