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The Delta Riggs

Erskineville, New South Wales, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Erskineville, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock




"AAABackstage - Album Review"

Kim Fowley, maniac former manager of The Runaways, once said “rock and roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.” This review won't be getting too deep into the “mundane world” part of that quote; instead let's focus on the “nuclear blast of reality” that lies in store for all listeners of the debut album from Melbourne's unashamed and uncompromising retro-rockin' soul slingers The Delta Riggs.

The hard-rockin' quintet have already stood out from the crowd with one of the most exciting live shows on the circuit in recent years, and with three EPs already under their belts, the time is right for a debut album to satisfy our rock needs, and what a debut album it is. The self-produced Hex.Lover.Killer is a barrelling, rip-roaring romp from start to finish, and rocks harder and better than anything in recent months, making it easily one of the most exciting releases of 2013 so far.

Opener 'Stars' shows that while The Delta Riggs appear at first to be a fairly straight-forward rock band, there is diversity on this album to keep you entertained throughout, and for repeated listens. The bass-riff heavy track sets the pace, then the excellently groovy 'America' takes things up another notch, with the first few bars sounding like Rocket Science's 'Being Followed'.

'Scratch Flower' is another kick-ass rock track, and 'Fiend*' has shades of a Chili Peppers intro and '70s classic rock behemoths Mountain, which can only be a good thing. The lads have never been scared to chuck in a bit of a rock ballad; and it comes (kind-of) in the form of 'Perfume and Lace'. There's even an instrumental track in the form of the four-minute 'Save It Til The Morning' – epic.

The boys will proudly tell you (via the holy medium of Facebook) that their single 'Rah Rah Radio' was the eighteenth most played track on Triple J last week – a pretty damn good result for a straight-up blues-rock band ploughing their way through an increasingly electronic and folk-heavy play-list on the airwaves.

The album is rounded out by the Guns 'N' Roses via Free-esque track 'Something Creeping', which comes complete with epic guitar solo and appropriate levels of harmonica, and the dirtily funky 'Better'.

Rock 'n' roll is here to stay, and Hex.Lover.Killer is making it happen. Good luck not wearing out your repeat buttons. - AAA Backstage


The Delta Riggs have unabashedly thrown down the gauntlet in defense of rock with the release of their debut album, Hex.Lover.Killer, delivering the goods with such passion and energy that you can almost hear them sweat.

From start to finish, there is not one moment where this quintet fail to stay true to their raison d’être. Some tunes are straight-out rock, such as Rah Rah Radio – the first single to be lifted from the record – while others bring a hefty blues and psychedelic influence, such as Perfume & Lace. Even when they’re in a quieter mood on a track like I Was Profound Tomorrow, they’re still playing hard. This track in particular has incredibly loud echoes of The Rolling Stones ringing throughout.

The production on Hex.Lover.Killer may be slick, but they’ve been wise enough to leave enough rough edges to keep things nice and dirty. There is so much going on in these tracks, yet the mixing has been masterfully done, allowing you to discover a new component to each track every time you listen to the album. Their wise and well-timed use of percussion, whether it be in the form of a tambourine (Stars), piano (Anybody Home) or some fine rattling maracas – or is that an egg shaker? – (giving Naked a great Western flavour) to name a few, is inspired and proves to be the cherry on the proverbial cake throughout the album.

With Hex.Lover.Killer, The Delta Riggs have shown that they don’t care what you think – they’re just here to give the music world a shot in the arm with a no-holds-barred mix of rock, retro glamour and a hell of a lot of life.


1. Stars
2. America
3. Scratch Flower
4. Fiend
5. Street Signs & Brake Lights
6. Perfume & Lace
7. Save It 'Till The Morning
8. Anybody Home
9. Rah Rah Radio
10. I Was Profound Tomorrow
11. Naked
12. Something Creeping
13. Better

Talupo Mountain Music Vol. II (May 2012)
1. Counter Revolution
2. Money
3. Mary
4. Billy Black
5. Used To Be My Baby
(Bonus). Tractor Beat

Talupo Mountain Music Vol. 1 (June 2011)
1. Penny Drops
2. Rebel
3. All The Lil' People
4. Time
5. Heavy Water
6. Don't Cry

The Delta Riggs EP (March 2010)
1. Soul Train
2. Get Back
3. Love Equation
4. Ode To Jeremiah



October 2013, New York City. The streets are abuzz with anticipation for the next Banksy piece. The prolific artist has taken residency amongst the city, each day or two there is news of a fresh site that has been occupied and yet, he still eludes public viewing. People scurry about with cameras in the hope of uncovering some new and unique Banksy gold. It's ubiquitous.
Meanwhile, at Pianos Bar on Ludlow Street, murmurs circulate that Julian Casablancas is just hanging out and watching some unknown bands play to a handful of people. The hustle of the city gets hustled. Only in New York.
The Delta Riggs were fortunate enough to have been indirectly involved in all of this during their weeklong tenure playing at CMJ 2013 and absorbed the energy. NY really is the mecca of the arts industries, a virtual world stage for each unassuming individual inhabitant, is electric at all hours.

Drawing from this & other experiences abroad, The Delta Riggs channeled a different beast for their second album. Still full of swagger and fuelled with Elliott Hammond's whiskey soaked vocals, with an undercurrent of experimentation, urban groove and vocal melodies clearly definable in each track. Dipz Zebazios is a huge progression dynamically and musically from the band’s Australian Music Prize nominated debut Hex.Lover.Killer and highlights the ambitions of a group unwilling to sit at idle.

A sprinkle of influence can be heard from touring alongside fellow genre-benders Primal Scream & Divine Fits but it’s the production and rhythmic values of The Roots, Jurassic Five and Outkast that really stand out.

Whilst the new sounds and approaches show depth and a willingness to push their songwriting to new places, they’ve maintained the core elements, which makes them such a special live force. In-line with their ethos of capturing a true moment, DZ was tracked live over just 3 Days in December, once again self-produced by the band.

Hammond admits “It’s a definite sonic shift”, he adds “it’s also something that we wanted to do to challenge ourselves and in turn, those who might not expect this from us”.

Dipz Zebazios is another bold step on this young, yet mature band’s career, showcasing what they are capable of and what we are still yet to see. "It's meant to be fun" he quips with a wry smile, as the band disappears onstage to tear the roof of another unsuspecting venue...

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