The Deluge

The Deluge


Founded in 2005 by Andrew McKee (guitar), Matthew O'Rane (viola) and later joined by Grant Jordan (drums), The Deluge has captivated audiences with their blend of prog rock, jazz, and electronic elements. Their album "Inverted Earth" is now available on CD Baby:


Every once in a while you see a band that leaves an indelible imprint on you, drawing you in with a unique sound, gripping you with unexpected turns throughout their performance. Founded in 2005 by Andrew McKee (guitar) and Matthew O'Rane (viola), The Deluge is surely one of these bands. Along with brothers Grant and Shane Jordan (drums and bass), the instrumental group has captivated audiences with their seamless blend of progressive rock, jazz, world, classical, and electronic elements. On the verge of releasing their debut full-length (a concept album placing the Biblical flood story in modern times), the group is poised to win over listeners with new sounds, textures, and some new additions to their lineup brought in to recreate the expansive sound of the album for the live show. With their new instrumentation, album, and debut music video in the works, The Deluge is ready to take their place among the ranks of fellow prog-rock acts Tool, The Mars Volta, The Cinematic Orchestra, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and Muse.


"Inverted Earth" (LP)
available on CD Baby

Self-titled (EP)

DVD - Live at The Jazz Bakery

DVD - Live at Java the Hutt/The San Diego County Fair

Set List

Inverted Earth
The Devil's Postpile
Raindrop Matrices
Liquid Seventh
Waterfalls (Ascension)

Encore: The Paradoxical Sphere

This is our new set, comprised of our new album. Every song flows into the next, making it a very dynamic set. We are capable of playing anywhere from a 30 minute to 2 1/2 hour set.