The Dems

The Dems


The Dems are a combination of rock, soul and pop. With fans ranging from teens-late 40's, their mature sound has enabled them to reach a broad demographic of listeners. Many have likened the sound to the Counting Crows, Flaming Lips and The Afghan Wigs Yet they have achieved a sound all their own.


In an age when many musical acts seem generic, The Dems create music hand picked from many different genres. Hailing from Ardmore, Pa., Austin Caramanico and Greg Chimicles are the core members of the group. The two artists have been close personally for over a decade and have formed a unique chemistry on and off the stage. Though being raised on different sides of the country, they share the same passion, vision and musical tastes on creating great melodies with timely hooks. Austin Caramanico, vocals/percussionist, was born and raised in Orange County, California. After high school Austin pursued music in Santa Barbara, CA, and more specifically Isle Vista which has a strong musical community due in part to the dominate college scene. His roots in music stem from great artists such as Bob Marley, Sublime, and Jeff Buckley to name a few. Austin combines storytelling lyrics with strong melodies creating his own unique style of songwriting. Greg Chimicles, guitar/piano/bass, is from Devon, Pa. Greg is heavily influenced by classic rock as well as acts like The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. He has been a part of the local Philadelphia music scene for the past seven years in notable acts such as Down Circle Back, and Huzzavox. Greg has performed all over the country honing his craft in venues such as The Roxy, LA and CBGB's in NYC. The Dems entered the studio for the first time in May, 2006 recording a 4-song demo. On the strength of that recording they went into Milkboy Studios in their hometown later that same summer for their first structured EP. They have captured a unique sound and vibe in their work and plan to take their music to the masses.


Dance My Way

Written By: Austin Caramanico/Greg Chimicles

You're always sayin'
Its silly to pray
To something so far away
Maybe just your laughter
Or a bright sunny day
Maybe just you lookin' at me that way
These simple signs let me know that lifes O.K.
And I see her dancin' so far away
The life I was destined to
And it looks as if her her eyes were gonna say
Dance my way
Dance my way, dance my way
I can't believe I feel this way
Shes got me shakin' in a bad bad way, Oh can't she see
And I see her dancing so far away
The life I was destined to
And it looks as if her eyes were going to say
Dance my way
Dance my way, dance my way
Cause I can't believe I feel this way oh no, no, no
Dance my way
You see this life I could never never leave oh, no, no
And as for me I'm going to stay forever in my holiday.


EP"One Million Lire" (2007)

Set List

Cold Wind
Cathy with a C
Dance my Way
The Song
Life of My Own
a variety of covers