The Dennis Fermin Project

The Dennis Fermin Project


Upbeat rock with a spanish twist, guaranteed to make you move!


What is The Dennis Fermin Project? Just another solo project? Just another one man band? It's much more than that, an ambitious quest that started with the musical passion of one person. His drive for the creative musical process set ablaze, from songwriting, to performing his many conquered instruments, to his impressive production skills. Sharing his childhood memories and combining them with the modern voices of music, finding the perfect blend between soul and technical prowess, without losing rock's edge.
Dennis Fermin was born on Long Island in New York, also home of many other guitar greats such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. While growing up, Dennis was very much influenced by the power of music. His mother was born in Puerto Rico and his father in the Dominican Republic so you can clearly see where his Latin influence come from. Both have a passion for music. His father plays spanish guitar while both of his parents sing still to this day. "We used to have a lot of late night spanish parties when I was growing up of which I was fortunate enough to take part in, playing spanish drums, marracas, guirrros or claves, etc. Of course there was lots of dancing too. I didn't realize the impact it made on me until later in life. I was also very fortunate to have many diverse influences growing up. They ranged from dance music, rap, rock, pop, metal, salsa, merengue, and even disco, yes disco".
He bought his first guitar from his sister's boyfriend who introduced him to bands like KISS at age 15. The guitar was a deep maroon imitation Gibson SG. It looked just like Angus Young's signature guitar. After playing air guitar for a year, Dennis started taking private guitar lessons from a guy named Joe Basarr. He did this for three straight years putting countless hours into his daily practice routine. All along jamming with friends and putting together wanna-be bands. After high school, he immediately attended G.I.T. ( Guitar Institute of Technology) at M.I. ( Musicians Institute) in Hollywood, California for a full twelve month high intensity couse. It was there that he met up with some incredibly talented musicians such as Nick Nolan who had a profound influence on his playing. He was also taught by Bruce Boulle (Racer X / The Scream), Russ Parish ( Rob Halford of Judas Priest), Gary Howi, and countless others who helped kick his playing into high gear.
After graduating G.I.T. in 1991, he came back to Long Island determined to start a "real" band. After several failed attempts, he met up with a fairly established Progressive Hard Rock/Metal band called Saharra. In Saharra, he met up with some great musicians. They developed a strong following on the Island, frequently playing high profile venues like The Roxy and Sparks and were fortunate enough to open up for national acts such as Dream Theatre. Unfortunately, the band broke up though shortly after recording several songs in a top end Long Island studio due to musical differences and member tensions.
After getting married in 1995, Dennis decided to move to Arizona with his wife. He wanted to start a new life in an interesting new place and get away from the nasty cold weather. He put down the guitar and music for several years, eventually getting involved in Church bands which slowly rekindled his passion for music.
In 2001 Dennis started writing once more and started recording shortly after. He took on the challenge of recording, mixing, and producing his own music. Armed with plenty of musical skills, and a good ear, he managed to pull it off with a lot of hard work and effort. Finally, he released his first self-titled CD in 2004, this time as an independant solo artist. In November of 2005, he released his second full length CD called "Missing You" and now has taken things even further to to form a group with other top notch musicians in the Atlanta, Georgia area, where he now calls home. This impressive five piece group is getting ready to take the Atlanta music scene by storm starting April of 2006. The new CD "Missing You" is not one to be missed and neither is The Dennis Fermin Project! Be shure to check them out! You wont be dissapointed!


1. "The Dennis Fermin Project"- self- titled first full length CD release
2. "Missing You" - second full length CD release

Set List

45 to 60 Minute Sets:
1. Latin Nights
2. Paradise (extended version)
3. My World
4. Caribbean Queen
5. Big Jam
6. Adios
7.Temptation's Nation
8. Crying
9. The Final Hour
10. Don't Walk Away
11. Santana Covers,etc.