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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"The Denzels introduce Admirable Traits + open for The Vaccines"

Here's to the start of a sweet day for The Denzels; on this September 11th they're taking part in the first steps of a new Brooklyn-based record label, Admirable Traits, whose first release will be their second EP 'Easy Tiger'. Revealed in January, the five track-set of fuzzy garage-pop romance floats quite casually between surfing harmonies and noise, working its best moves right at the heart of this gap, where young love tales stay away from cheese, and dramatic synth lines can come glistening through without any of it feeling too nostalgic or too.. gleeful. Taking the release celebrations to the stage, they'll be opening for The Vaccines this evening at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. - The Deli Magazine

"The Denzels – Easy Tiger"

The Denzels’ Easy Tiger EP is the end-of-summer blues. The last few rays of sun-drenched treble guitars collide with the chill of singer Tommy Hinga’s low vocals. But don’t expect some quiet lament. The band’s high-energy indie rock captures the thrill of something exciting and fresh.

The opening guitar riff and hi-hat of “Black Girls” give the EP a running start. The surfy licks come with a layer of grit and reverb, more city than beach. The next two songs also pack a punch in the rhythm. The crunchy guitars of “Shaking” give way to a killer chorus, and the Denzels do it with a swagger that’s all but lost in most rock music.

The last two tracks wind down Easy Tiger a bit. The eerie ”Waterfront” recalls Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger,” especially Hinga’s somber vocals. The closer, “Cure,” features a desolate soundscape of reverb paired with a sugary vocal hook.

In just 18 minutes, The Denzels capture the fleeting change of seasons. It’s a quick glance to the past and a hopeful sense of what’s ahead.

Easy Tiger is out now on Admirable Traits Records. Stream is below - Kind of Bleu.

"CMJ Bushwick: House Party Style at Rock Bottom"

The Denzels are so rad! They’ve been getting a lot of hype lately, and for good reason. These rock’n'rollers combine fast-pacds guitar-driven hooks with earnest lyrics and harmonies to find a sound somewhere between punk, rock, and garage. They kept the party going, and the concert-goers jumping. Literally. - Bushwick Daily

"The Denzels"

These guys are good and will get some Glory. Brooklyn's The Denzels know how to write the pop-garage hooks (in subtle surf style). And let me tell you - writing hooks ain't easy, friends. Lots of bands try. But it takes Training Day after Training Day to do them right. But when hooks work - your band will be Unstoppable.

The Denzels recently opened up for another band who know how to write the pop-garage hooks too - The Vaccines (a great pairing - but maybe they knew an Inside Man to get on that bill). So if you like The Vaccines, that's a good starting ground for the sound that The Denzels are rocking.

I also hear some of The Strokes in these super melodic jams. But it's 2012 and my sources tell me it takes Courage Under Fire to still compare other bands to The Strokes. However, my sources can kiss my ass because I'm American Gangster like that. In closing, The Pelican Brief. - Oh My Rockness

"The Best of CMJ 2011"

Favorite NY Discoveries

Caveman – driving, upbeat and dense, atmospheric garage rock…for fans of Kurt Vile…most prolific band of the conference..upwards of 10 shows in 5 nights. I also have a soft spot for them because debut album (“CoCo Beware”) is named after one of my favorite old school wrestlers, Koko B.Ware.

Denzels – Catchy indie garage rock out of Brooklyn in the vein of the Drums or the Strokes. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. There are definitely some hits in their early recordings.

Montrose Next Door by THE DENZELS - KCRW

"The Denzels Slow Death is anything but that"

Meet Brooklyn’s up and coming rockers, The Denzels. While the quartet is pretty new to the music scene, they have already impressed us with their first single “Slow Death”. The music has a grungy-rock vibe, but keeps things fresh with vocals that are punchy and blend nicely into the instrumentation. I can’t say their style is totally original, but they do what they do very well.
“Slow Death” is incredibly catchy and easy to move to – I find it stuck in my head even hours after I’ve last played it. The b-side, “Montrose Next Door”, is my favourite track of the two, though, because it seems a bit more experimental and promising as far as what to expect from a future LP. Both singles are available via The Denzels’ Bandcamp page. - The Wild Honey Pie

"Happening Little Number from The Denzels"

I read about the Denzels awhile back via OTRM, and when I checked back in again with them, I was happy to see that the group has just released a nice little two song EP titled Easy Tiger for our enjoyment. As the song slowly walks you in, you’ll find the pure joy of the swagger that kicks in around the twenty second mark. From here on out, it’s sort of a poppier-tinged twist on the Cali psych rock we all adore. The second track on the EP definitely is just as promising, so be sure to check in on the band if you dig the track below. - Austin Town Hall

"New Band : The Denzels"

Who are these guys?
The Denzels do what many cannot: Make Bushwick sound cool. The Brooklyn-based four person group blends surf and garage rock with lyrics bemoaning the struggling 20-something life; catchy tunes, self-deprecating lyrics. It’s really relatable, as demonstrated by their rise in the NYC concert circuit: CMJ last year, and openings for The Cloud Nothings and Howler this spring.

Relatable how?
Their EP name, Easy Tiger, says it all. They do beach rock that’s neither too poppy nor too lo-fi (a hard balance to strike), and is more than just surf guitar chords thrown into indie pop. The easy, breezy acoustic work is topped with moody lyrics about a night of drunken disorderly conduct and opposite-sex mistakes. It’s great for hangovers — the chill melodies soothe, while their true-life stories make you feel less bad about last weekend’s bender.

They sound like my kinda guys. But how is this different from every other BK band?
Sure, the ode to broke creative types and youth-in-turmoil sentiment aren’t new as far as lyricism goes — what’s up, Morrissey? — but The Denzels aren’t sad sacks, or Brian Wilson wannabes. Their live show is really energetic; none of this sad, slow, fall-asleep-watching beach rock. You’ll be dancing, hard. It’s like if The Strokes went on a bender in California and woke up penniless on the beach. And sang about it.

Beach boys that really rock. Can I listen?
Yep, Easy Tiger is free to download on their Bandcamp. They play small BK venues on the reg, so check their Facebook for new concert dates. Make sure to see them while their tickets are still cheap, because we’re sure they’re gonna get real big, real soon. - Byrne Notice

"The Denzels Easy Tiger EP"

Previously known as The Goods, members have switched their name to The Denzels early last year. Now, in 2012, they have a free EP to share with the indie world. The Denzels will be releasing two songs under Easy Tiger, entitled "Rae Rae" and "Black Girls", on the 11th of this month. Their music is basically a cross of New York's edgy rock scene with the playful breezes of California. Think The Cribs and a heavier version of Dominant Legs. As Brooklyn-ites, The Denzels will be partying at Glasslands Gallery on the night of their release, next Wednesday. Make sure to stop by if you're in the neighborhood and for tickets click here. - Ear Milk

"The Denzels: Action packed Pop"

The Denzels
action-packed pop
by: Nancy Chow - May 11, 2012
Formerly called The Goods, The Denzels, invigorated with the name change, are ready to kickass and take names with their dangerously addictive pop. The songs are absolutely pop at heart with endearing hooks and jangly guitars, but there’s an edge that makes the songs emanate a New York cool. The music is by no means a daunting or pretentious hipness, as the tunes are astoundingly accessible with pop elements from yesteryear they cite The Smiths and ‘50s girl groups as influences while pulling in modern peers such as Deerhunter into the mix. The quintet sounds like a more punk-spiked, less distorted version of The Strokes on the band’s latest EP, Easy Tiger, which is generously offered for free on Bandcamp. The five tracks are a clarified, upbeat amalgamation of pop and rock music from the ‘50s to the present day.

The band was originally called The Goods. What spurred the decision to change the band’s name to The Denzels?
I always liked the name The Goods, but there were about 200 other bands already called The Goods, and it was impossible to find us on the Internet. It also symbolized a restart for us. When Tommy and I came into it, we were kind of clueless about what we wanted to do with the music. Then, Pauly and Davie joined, and after a year or so of playing as The Goods, it was like we finally dialed in our sound. We were about to put out our first EP, so it seemed like just a good time to change our name. We had a spreadsheet of about 150 names with such winners as Endless Bummer, White Lightning and The Derrels. The Denzels was the only one we all agreed on. At the time, I was pulling hard for IRONS as a memorial to the recently deceased Andy Irons.

What’s your songwriting process like?
It’s definitely changed since we first started playing. In the beginning, Pauly, Tommy and I would write separately and then come together with mostly complete songs and try and hash out the different parts. Now we tend to do most the writing at practice, usually jamming on some kind of far-out psych instrumental. Someone will hear something and be like “Yeah, that sounds cool,” and then we try and develop it into a song. It’s a lot more fun, because then everyone has a touch on how the song evolves.

It seems like Easy Tiger had a quick turnaround. Did you already have in mind what the EP would sound like when you entered the studio?
Yeah, we were really excited about all the new gear we had been playing with for the past six months and we were going to be working with the same producer as our first EP, so we kind of knew what to expect. In some ways, we kind of wanted a similar structure as our first EP Slow Death, with the lead-off song being a bit of a bouncy surf track. We had been listening to a lot of new music at the time and ended up having some heavier, darker guitar songs and experimenting with layers of noise and different instrumentations.

Easy Tiger is a great set of songs that are definitely worth the money. Why did you decide to give it away for free?
I guess, in all honesty, we didn't think anyone would buy it, and having people download it seemed rewarding enough. We just wanted to get the music out there. We want to play shows and go on tour – to us, that’s the ultimate pay off. Hopefully, giving away our EPs will allow more people to hear the music, which will in turn open doors to us getting signed and going on tour.

You’ve released two EPs in the last year, when is the album coming out?
Good question. It’s whenever we find the right label for it, really.

What’s your favorite Denzel Washington film?
Haha, you know what? No one has ever asked us that before. The name really grew on me after we picked it in part because it reminded me of a girl group name like The Ronettes or The Marvelettes, and because Denzel Washington is a badass. But I guess my favorite movie of his would have to be, hands down, Heart Condition. - The Deli Magazine

"Hear me Now : The denzels"

Even though finding unique new band in Brooklyn is like looking for a needle in a haystack, we’ve found one that’s worth a listen.

Meet Bushwick surf rock band The Denzels, who just released their first EP, Easy Tiger.

Their mellowed-out garage rock isn’t as poppy as The Drums nor is it as low-fi as Beach House, but rather hangs gently in the middle.

It’s a tricky balance, especially considering how many other bands are currently riding the surf rock wave, yet The Denzels manage to strike it well by contrasting the sunny melodies with darker, self-depricating lyrics.

They frame the life of a floundering 20-something, telling of alcohol-induced mistakes and nights when it all went a little too far; “Black Girls” speaks to the dangers of blacking out (Don’t want to take it slow/ I’m gonna go for broke), while “Rae Rae” chronicles the “oh crap, no I didn’t” mentality of accidentally hooking up with a friend and not wanting a repeat performance (Let’s pretend like this never happened/ I like you/ I want to keep it that way).

The beachy tunes keep it from falling into depressiveness though, and a run-through of the EP makes one think of a lovechild between The Smiths and The Strokes, borne from a night sleeping on the beach.

Though currently unsigned, these guys are definitely going places beyond the Brooklyn concert venue circuit.

They had a stint at New York’s CMJ festival last year, and I can say from experience that they give a fantastic live performance (truth: I’m writing this with exhaustion from their EP release concert at the Glasslands Gallery last night, which was insanely fun and totally worth the sleepless workday).

Download the first two tracks from Easy Tiger on their Bandcamp page while you still can; these guys won’t stay under the radar for long.

For more info and to request hard copies of the EP, Facebook them: - Nylon Magazine

"Cloud Nothings played Mercury Lounge with The Denzels"

Cloud Nothings were last in NYC for a one-off at The Studio in January which sold out at the last minute. Due the success of their great new album, Attack on Memory, shows on their current tour have been selling out much quicker, including both of their NYC shows this week, the first of which happened last night (3/27) at Mercury Lounge with A Classic Education and The Denzels. More pictures from this show are below. How was it? - Brooklyn Vegan

"Artist Spotlight: The Denzels"

Bushwick, Brooklyn based quartet, the Denzels are quickly becoming THE opening band to book. At just over a year old, the band has already been featured in Deli Magazine and is getting major radio spins on big college radio stations throughout the states. This fresh foursome combines their west coast surf influences with the catchiness of early Strokes topped with real yet clever lyrics. Their EP Slow Death is one of the best kept secrets within the blogosphere. If you are a fan of the Drums, Bear Hands, or Surfer Blood, then you are a fan of the Denzels. Download the Slow Death EP here and brag to all your friends about how you heard about them first.
- Buffablog

"The Denzels - Slow Death and Montrose Next Door"

Just cause it’s rainy and gloomy here in Warsaw doesn’t mean that those of you who live in places having a real summer can’t get your shades/brews/tunes combo platter on and bask in the good times. Who better to soundtrack that fun then Brooklyn’s The Denzels who kick out jams that could turn Brighton Beach into the next Venice. These guys are on nobody’s radar yet and it’s a damn shame because between these two tracks it’s clear they have the chops for squinty eyed summer days with cold colas as well as sunset on the shore with your beachside lover.

? The Denzels – Montrose Next Door

Do your weekend and your next summer mixtape justice and slide these jams in right there. Look for a full EP in the fall.

- The Burning Ear

"The Denzels"

The Denzels are a four-piece from Brooklyn, NY and their recently released Slow Death EP has been on constant rotation for me due to a handful of reasons:

1) They remind me of bands that used to make great records, namely fellow NYers The Strokes and Interpol (with a dash of The Drums).
2) The city of SF is wearing me out and their melancholic precision is hitting the spot on my increasingly weary soul.

Be sure to pick up the Slow Death EP for FREE at their bandcamp page below. - Heartstrings Engaged

"The Denzels - Slow Death EP"

The Denzels are a four-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY that plays a joyful, melodic rock that has a little bit of The Beach Boys and The Drums in it. Add to that some shoegaze influences a la Drop Nineteens and you'll get a pretty good idea what to expect from them. The Denzels offer a consistent, nicely done indie music that is reminiscent of the earlier American indie acts yet has the sound of the present. If you like what you hear grab the EP from their bandcamp page. - Against the Odds

"NYC artists on the rise: The Denzels, live at K&M Bar on June 17th"

The Denzels is a Brooklyn based band I heard about a couple weeks back and I caught their show at Glasslands last night. The quartet plays New York style garage pop-rock with a bit of a west coast undertone. The 2 songs they have available on their bandcamp have been on repeat on my ipod since I downloaded them. "Slow Death" is full of chiming guitars, reverb, and catchy harmonies. Upbeat yet cynical, it encourages the youthful enjoyment of life - with a (not too) eerie reminder that we're all gonna die in the end. Perfect for the walk to the Bushwick L stop, "Montrose Next Door" is a song about a failed attempt at love, with lyrics accompanying transitional guitar riffs and pulsating drums pounding on the heart. The new material I saw live was very promising, so keep your ears open because The Denzels might soon start to break hearts all over Brooklyn. Their next show is at K & M Bar in Williamsburg this Friday! - The Deli

"The Denzels"

The Denzels 'Slow Death' EP has been thrown into a lot of my playlists ever since meeting one of the band members out at a bar in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. The Denzels surf laced, melancholic indie rock is just catchy. Their songs are well written and recorded which makes it simply just really easy to listen to. It's a dash of The Drums, The Strokes pop sensibility, with just a touch of The Walkmen's shoe gazed guitars. They're a melting pot of New York cities most successful acts. The snare and guitars off the track "Montrose Next Door" are sonic romance. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. Download the full (and free) EP off their bandcamp! - Off the Radar

"The Denzels. Slow Death"

Slow Death is the debut single from relatively new Brooklyn band The Denzels, and it announces a band with a knack for combining an eighties post-punk/alternative scene influence with an affection for late-nineties indie rock to create a sound that, like fellow Brooklyn band and los grillos favorities, Gross Relations, strikes a nice balance between searching romanticism and cool indifference.

B-side “Montrose Next Door,” with its angular guitar lines and slightly detached vocal delivery, certainly recalls the garage-rock revivalism of The Strokes, but with title track “Slow Death” The Denzels bring to mind a sort of garage rock Echo & The Bunnymen on a tune that would make a nice addition to the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack. - Los Grillos Collective

"Song of the Day: The Denzels "Slow Death""

Big ups to our friends at Pianos for tipping us off on this relatively new band from Brooklyn called THE DENZELS. The Denzels’ “Slow Death” is a blender of my favorite ’90’s alternative rock bands in one great smoothie. We liked them so much, we’ve added them to the bill for the upcoming RUMBLE: NEW YORK party at Pianos on April 25th. The four piece take classic garage rock and infuse it with Strokes styled melodies, yet retain their own patented flavor.

SONG OF THE DAY: The Denzels “Slow Death“ - Future Sounds


Slow Death 7" (self released April 2011)

Easy Tiger EP (September 2012)



In 2005, guitarist Matt Degorio moved from Santa Cruz, CA to Brooklyn, NY. Four years later, he convinced his childhood friend Tommy Hinga to come out join him. Hinga and Degorio had played music together for years but never been in a band together. But the pieces had finally fallen into place. After settling in Bushwick, they recruited bassist Paul Lizarraga, drummer Dave Beegun, and keyboardist/guitarist Aman Ellis.

The songs are absolutely pop at heart with endearing hooks and jangly guitars, but there’s an edge that makes them emanate a New York kind of cool. The music is by no means a daunting or pretentious hipness, as the tunes are astoundingly accessible with vintage elements from yesteryear; they cite The Smiths and ‘50s girl groups as influences while pulling in modern peers such as Deerhunter into the mix. The quintet sounds like a more punk-spiked, less distorted version of The Strokes.