The Desert Fathers

The Desert Fathers

 Ridgewood, New York, USA

NYC math pop duo follow up two highly acclaimed releases (Icarus, The Forms), each receiving praise from the likes of Pitchfork/Spin/Stereogum, with "Derealization" feat. guest performances by members of The National, Dirty Projectors, St. Vincent, and more. Release slated for Feb 2011.


"I think I've fallen out of a plane."

During a rare moment of silence on The Spirituality, a voice calmly says that simple line. It captures the way you might feel after a first listen to the debut record from THE DESERT FATHERS. You're firmly on the ground, but you can't get over the feeling that you've been torn through the sky, back to earth after a violent but oddly ecstatic trip.

It took over 3 years for 7 engineers, working in 5 different studios, to help THE DESERT FATHERS create this bizarre and beautiful soundscape. While tracking the record at his WGNS studio, Greg Norman (Detachment Kit, Zwan) described the songs as "scary" but also "deeply moving." Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey), who recorded parts of the record at his legendary Electrical Audio studio, was more bluntly enthusiastic in his take: "Cool as shit."

There's never been a record that sounds like The Spirituality. Kinetic, complex, aggressive, and blessed with a schizophrenic energy, THE DESERT FATHERS' music is like a menage-a-trois of prog-pop, art metal and psycho hip-hop. Imagine Shellac, the Wu Tang Clan, My Bloody Valentine, Kool Keith and the Pixies mashed together into a thick pulp of layered guitars, intricate vocal melodies, and deep, driving beats. From the metallic, skeletal pop of "The Art of Reason", whose melody you'll be humming for the next week, to the dark, wiry intensity of "Pitbulls", the record is held together by inspired engineering that will have you wondering how the sounds you hear were produced. The Spirituality was mastered by Roger Seibel (Sunny Day Real Estate, Cat Power), who ensured that the songs fill the room at any volume.

THE DESERT FATHERS take their name from an ancient monastic order whose members withdrew themselves from society to live alone, seeking God in the desert. The band is fronted by Acquaman (also of The Forms), whose album Icarus was released earlier this year to critical acclaim. Drummer Levitas and bassist The Real make up the taut and powerful rhythm section. Ecco Teres, vocalist from The Forms, makes a number of guest appearances.

The Desert Fathers will be touring the US for much of this year and next. Intense and explosive, their shows bring to life the utterly unique vision that drives The Spirituality.


The Spirituality (LP);
"Peace In That" played by John Peel on BBC

Set List

1. Bones 2. The Art of Reason 3. Pitbulls 4. Peace In That 5. Starter Kit 6. A Practical Joke 7. I'm Getting It Back