The Designer Drugs

The Designer Drugs



Try to put a label on The Designer Drugs' music, and you'll probably end up scratching your head. The five members of the band take influence from across the board, making their music a cross between Johnny Cash, Blondie and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Influenced by glam, punk, 50s rock n' roll, and with a genuine acknowledgment for their roots, the Drugs write music to satisfy themselves 1st. In turn, the sound takes a radical departure from the current themes in music, and defies classification in any era. To fully experience The Designer Drugs, it's necessary to see them perform live. When this five-piece takes the stage, its electric. Every show is high energy, their presence is undeniable, no matter if the crowd consists of 200 or 20.

Formed in late 2005, last year the band played more than 50 shows in the Nor East while twins Geoff (drums) and Al (upright bass) still attended high school full time. Fast forward to spring 2007, the band has just finished recording their 2nd ep, returning stronger than ever after the original singer abruptly quit on new years, and was soon followed by the rhythm guitarist. Today, lead guitar duties are shared by the stylistically different Rodney and Tim. The vocals have been taken over by the colorful and animated Miss Emily Dee. With a diverse vocal range, she gets down and dirty with the rest of the boys.

As this summer approaches, the Drugs prepare to embark on a 45 date cost to cost US tour, booked entirely on their own. So get ready to feel the side effects of this addiction, The Designer Drugs are coming to a town near you!


The Good the Bad and the EP - EP released January 2006
As yet untitled EP- to be released this coming July
Room 313 from this forthcoming EP is streaming on Bodog's Battle of the bands online radio

Set List

We usually play one 30-minute set consisting of 7 or 8 songs listed as follows:
Shot Up!
Red Carpet
Back in the Trenches or Atomic Dance Flue
So-Called Saint
Crime of Mine
COVER - currently "Janie Jones" by The Clash or "Gangsters" by The Specials
Room 313