The Detentions

The Detentions

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Detentions have been helping folks "retire one weekend at a time" all over Central Texas and the Gulf Coast for the past 5 years. A little rock and roll with a coastal country soul. Their music is self described as "Rockamole!" Serve with some sun, a few suds and the surf!


Dan Sullivan and Chris Hillier crossed paths back in 2002. They met working as first year school teachers in Round Rock, Texas. Their first gig was a school holiday party at a local watering hole. The owner of the place liked their style and sound so much he booked them every Friday as the "happy hour" entertainment.

With influences from Kiss, John Mellencamp, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Johnny Cash, The Detentions forged their own style of music they call "Rockamole!" A little rock and roll with a coastal country soul! The Detentions' rockamole has been helping folks "retire one weekend at a time" for over five years now.

From Central Texas to the Gulf Coast, The Detentions have played in almost every beer hole, juke joint, back yard, speakeasy, farmer's market, dance hall, driveway, rec center, boutique, holiday party, wedding reception, tailgate, birthday, BBQ, roadhouse, tourist bar and beach shanty. Their music reflects their motto, "Nothing Tastes Like a Friday!"

They released their first album of all original tunes entitled "Rockamole" in September of 2010. Songs from Rockamole are currently in frequent rotation on Permanent Vacation Radio and Tropic Wall Radio.


Rockamole -2010

Set List


Nassau Town
Paper Bag Coozie
Salty Dog
What You Gonna Do
Nothing Tastes Like a Friday
Fort Myers
Never Been One
Get Away
Liki Tiki
I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying
Mama Said
Raining In Texas
Surround Me

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