The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador

The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador

 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

accordion driven, organ pounding escapade; filled with traps & triggers, bottles & whistles, percussion & strings, wine buckets filled with chimes and musical toys


The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador is a group with high energy spawned from the
woods of southern New Jersey. The music they create is what some people would
call "sporadic". Literally jumping from one thing to the next, these boys put
emphasis and subtly in every song. Their stories touch on personal topics but
are told through a variety of metaphors and smilies. Between the vague
understanding of each word it's sometimes hard to think about what instruments
they'll use next, but somehow each section melds into an ongoing melody. Some
may be slightly confused about what is actually going on in their live set
because certain sounds come out of nowhere and are not always visible. Although
being only two people, they manage to fill the shoes of 4 or 5 and are
constantly moving around the stage. With every instrument you can imagine they
take inspiration from even the smallest things (ex. mouse trap) but they make
their presence known with a powerful organ center stage. What's important to
grasp is the construction and performance as a whole. Visually they bring a
random collection of items you might see at a yard sale, which corresponds to
the way their music is then played. From high pitched cartoon yells to deep
raspy church preacher vocals they really put on an energetic show.


animate EP (2009)

Set List

set list 1:(avg 60mins)
Miss Gulch
Pigeons Feet(The Beast is Near)
I Could Be A Beggar
Uncle Eskibar
George Carlin's Funeral
El Dia de los Muertos
The Gromble

set list 2:(avg 35 mins)
Miss Gulch
Piegons Feet(The Beast is Near)
George Carllin's Funeral
El Dia de los Muertos
The Gromble

covers: Daniel Johnston, Man Man, Hanson, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Early November, Ludacris