The Devil's Twins
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The Devil's Twins

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Blues Rock





Material: A brother and sister duo invites smash-bang drums into their fold, blending rockabilly writing with punk rock arrangements and metal attitude. If Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse had a baby that punched like Johnny Rotten, this would be it. Jeremiah Louf lays down dynamic, crunchy riffs while Nikki Coogan’s vocals slide from sultry tang to pained howl, her tambourine tossing extra spice onto their recipe. Old-fashioned mikes contribute to the retro-hardcore aesthetic.

Musicianship: The Devil’s Twins don’t traffic in the technically complex, instead exciting audiences with execution and raw adrenaline.

Most impressive is the manner in which they knit a wall of sound with two instruments; truthfully, adding bass would ruin them. While Louf’s vocals hit their marks, it’s Coogan’s unusual style that delivers the feels. They would be wise to continue experimenting with tempos, however, as evidenced by their most successful song, a brilliant ditty about needing to be tough if you’re dumb.

Performance: With a look that matches their musical groove, The Devil’s Twins command the stage. Louf wags his finger, Manning makes throat slitting gestures with his drumstick and Coogan bangs the floor with her tambourine.

It all makes for riveting showmanship. They also interact smoothly with one another as well as the audience, filling minor between-song moments with easy banter. The professional-quality logo on their drums proves their seriousness and technical hurdles are handled with grace.

Summary: Polished to a blinding shine, The Devil’s Twins own a sound that’s different yet accessible. They’re also capable of putting on a hell of a show, one that will have you nodding your head while your feet remain glued in place for fear of missing a moment. Having received a host of accolades, including awards such as Limelight Magazine’s Best Music Video of 2013 and runner up for Examiner Magazine’s 2014 Best Band in New England, it would be highly surprising if a label doesn’t snatch them up sooner rather than later.

The Players: Jeremiah John Louf, guitar, vocals; Nikki Marie Coogan, vocals, tambourine; Ryan Manning, drums, backing vocals. - Music Connection Magazine

"The Devils Twins' "Old Fashion Mischief" is modern rock n' roll perfection"

Rock n Roll is defined as "a type of popular music originating in the 1950's, characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies," but in Boston it might as well be defined as The Devils Twins. I came across the band first a few years back and have continued to find myself impressed. "Old Fashion mischief" is their latest release from October of 2013, and it can be summed up in one word, perfection. Rock n' roll to me is unforgiving, honest, and comes with the attitude of this who I am and bleep you if you don't like it. "Old Fashion Mischief" is all of these ingredients in their best form. The guitar riffs are simple, they're catchy, and they are enormous in weight. The tones are crunchy, they are meaty and they are angry. Even softer songs like "Bring Me Home" come chop full of attitude and "swag". The dueling vocals of Jeremiah and Nicole are edgy, dark, and commanding. The addition of long time New England musician Ryan Manning in 2012 was a perfect move for the group. The Rock-a-billy/classic sound of The Devils Owns is perfectly accented by Ryan's drumming. The drumming comes with the powerful and driving rhythms the made rock n' roll while adding in enough variations that it's far more interesting than most classic drummers.

There is not a single complaint I have about this record, and I never write that. If I had to pick out three standout tracks for the album they would be "Our Songs are For nothing", "Love & War", and "I Know It's My Fault". The bands self cited influences of Dead Weather, Johnny Cash, and The Misfits really shine through on this record as well as the sounds of bands like Tiger Army and The White Stripes. Really all I can say is the album is genius and I've had it on repeat for days and you should to. Visit the band on their Facebook Page to get your copy today and check back later this week to see my exclusive interview with The Devils Twins drummer Ryan manning. -

"Vanyaland Premiere: The Devil’s Twins are all of us in stomp-along new single ‘Cold Damn Day’"

The Devil’s Twins are like, “It’ll be a cold damn day.” And all of us in Boston are like, “Oh don’t we know it.”

Spring fever may have sprung around Boston as the temperatures reach a damn-near-tropical 50 degrees around town, but like any good mentality moving forward, you shouldn’t forget where you came from. On new single “Cold Damn Day”, the Massachusetts noir-punk trio scrape the frost off your beer bottle and raise it to the stars, melting together influences that spans decades and attitude that remains timeless. We may have shaken winter off, for now, but the memory is still pretty fresh in our minds and those dirty-ass snowbanks serve as a cruel reminder of our recent solitude.

Listen to “Cold Damn Day,” serving as much as a threat as stomp-along anthem, via the band’s Soundcloud below.

Tonight the Twins celebrate the release of their new EP, Consequences, tonight at TT.The Bear’s Place in Cambridge before heading to warmer days down south in Texas en route to another round with South-By-Southwest. In addition to the release of Consequences, which was partially recorded at Q Division in Somerville, the Devil’s Twins will also drop their debut 7-inch, “Old Fashioned Singles,” off a new label in town called Day of The Dead Records. - Vanyaland


"American Noir Vol. 1" - Released 2017

"Consequences" - Released 2015

"Old Fashion Mischief"- Released 2013



Catchy, yet haunting, dueling vocals by Nikki Coogan and Jeremiah Louf— atop a wall of sound generated by only one guitar is what defines the unique sound of the Boston-based duo The Devil’s Twins. The press and their underground cult following—The 2crew—describe their sound as “noir punk”.

"If Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse had a baby that punched like Johnny Rotten, this would be it.” (Andy Kaufmann, Music Connection Magazine)

After winning the Boston Music Award Rock Artist of the Year in 2016 and 2018 (as well as looping a nomination for Live Artist of the Year and Unsigned Artist of the Year), the Twins opened for Legendary Rock artist SLASH at a sold out House of Blues and collaborated on a release with rapper/actor SLAINE entitled "SATAN STONE" from their recently released album American Noir Vol. 1. They’re rising fast, and with good reason: they’ve gained a reputation for being an extremely high energy spectacle touching on a wide range of emotions; from explosive anger tantrums—beating guitars and tambourines into the stage—to whiskey-soaked, old fashioned rock’n'roll foot stompers, all while keeping it light between songs with playful banter between the trio and the crowd.

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