The Dharma Lions

The Dharma Lions


Independent rock and roll for the abused.


The Dharma Lions began a brother's guitar and drum duo, known as The Bends. The Bends played filthy and terrible garage rock on an amp and drumset picked up at a yardsale for $50 combined. Upon meeting another guitarist, Joe Haller, the brothers decided to bring their music to a new level, and began writing with this new fellow. After adding a Bassist, the Dharma Lions were born. After a drummer switch a few months after creation, in which the young Brooks switched from drums to making noise where noise was needed, and the addition of Nick Hennessy, the line-up was complete. Playing a variety of shows together, the Dharma Lions have found a name for themselves in the CT music scene, and played some heralded venues such as CBGB's in NYC. Their music can be described as "independent rock and roll for the abused" and is heavily influenced by bands such as the arcade fire, radiohead, modest mouse, delta spirit, and of course marlboro 27s.


currently recording our first ep. have a listen.