The Dials

The Dials


"...the Dials sound like much more than the Next Big Thing. They sound like a band that just might make a contribution to the story of rock 'n' roll..." Pop Matters", November 9, 2005


"Chicago-based lipstick ruffians the Dials make pretty pop-punk like a soundtrack for smokin' in the girls room...."
- Lisa Donnelly, CMJ New Music Monthly, Nov. 2005
"...the Dials sound like much more than the Next Big Thing. They sound like a band that just might make a contribution to the story of rock 'n' roll..." Pop Matters", November 9, 2005
"...a trashcan trawling of mid 60's Pebbles flashbacks, schizoid late 70's no wave/new wave and post punk fallouts, effervescent 80's candy pop and mid 90's girl punk...all molded and finely tuned as if to sound like an acutely honed and distilled mix tape plundered from your cooler older brother's record collection." --Losing Today, November, 2005

The Dials were born when co-lead vocalists Rebecca Crawford (bass) and Patti Gran (guitar) simultaneously saved each other from their lingering and daunting search through the Chicago musician ads back in 2002. Upon meeting, an instant friendship and kinetic chemistry developed between the two as they played their prior projects for each other and discussed their mutual adoration of 60's girl-groups and 80's new wave. Joined by Ali Kalaba (We Ragazzi, The Dishes) on drums and Rachel Shindelman (New Black) on keyboards, they played their first show almost before they even agreed on a band name.

A few months, a drummer, and a keyboardist later, Crawford and Gran found themselves with half the original line-up, but a quickly growing loyal fan-base surrounding them. So, with determination fueling their fire, they hit the pavement and recruited friend and major Dials fan Emily Dennison. Trading in her ivories for a farfisa, Dennison brought a unique 'Beethoven-gone-Devo' style to their sound. With the addition of a new drummer almost exactly at the same time, the band was back in action and recorded and released their Sick Times EP that winter of 2003. Not only did the local press praise the EP, but national media also took notice of the Dials.

The Dials faced two more drummer line-up changes in late 2003 and early 2004, but without skipping a beat, they played on continuing to build their fan base with fill-in drummers while sharing the stage with bands such as The Woggles, The Briefs, and Electrelane among others while they searched for the right permanent drummer. After having played with Rebecca for years in her previous band, the puta-pons and filling in for the Dials on occasion, their search was over when Douglas Meis officially joined The Dials in 2004. His energized, Moon-esque drum fury propelled the group along at that distinctive pace that continues to make The Dials irrepressibly danceable. The four of them stuck together like glue and recorded the bands first full length LP, Flex Time with Greg Norman of Electrical Audio (My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill) for indie label Latest Flame during winter of 2004 at Norman's home studio located in Chicago.

Sadly, on July 14, 2005, shortly before Flex Time was scheduled to be released, Doug was killed in a terrible car crash by an alleged suicidal motorist along with Rebecca's husband John Glick of The Returnables, and Michael Dahlquist of Silkworm. Reeling from the sudden and tragic loss of their close friends and drummer, determination fueled a new kind of fire for the band more than it ever had before. But, with the help of Chad Romanski (Sarge, Mirror America) on drums, the Dials were able to push forward playing a previously scheduled show just six weeks after the incident. The band also proceeded to release Flex Time as planned in November of 2005 in honor of what the Dials believe Doug would have wanted for the band. Romanski has since officially joined the Dials on drums and the band has rather seamlessly picked up where they left off and are currently gearing up for the studio to record their second full length LP.


'Flex Time' (Latest Flame Records, 2005).
'Sick Times' (self released EP, 2004).

Set List

40-45 mins. All originals.