The Dials

The Dials


The Dials, winners of The Fopp New Music Award for “the best in creative and innovative music happening in the UK today” feature regularly on UK national and international radio. They seamlessly take on board the best psychedelic garage, country, folk and soul influences.


We won the most recent Fopp/PRS New Music Award which means - according to a team of world leading scientists - we are the best band in the world...or being slightly more modest, some of the big cheeses at Universal Music and NME magazine (to name but a few) think we're pretty good.

Mark Lamarr (host of one of BBC radio's most respected music lovers' shows) has had us live in session after we sent him a demo. He has also gone on air to say that it was his favourite session of the year and has since played tracks from our album embarrassingly frequently. We also feature on veteren broadcaster Bob Harris' 'most played' list. ...and we're quite proud of that.

We've been on many, many more 'big-time' national shows including Stephen Merchant's (The Office/Extras) show.

That being said, we're best known in our hometown of Brighton as being the band that got locked in a bank vault whilst recording our album...ask us about it when you meet us.

"The Dials have recorded two of my favourite recent tracks...I’ll treasure the album for a long, long time" Mark Lamarr, BBC Radio 2

"Really, really good" Dave Henderson, Mojo

“A great band” Bob Harris, BBC Radio

“A twanging country-psych extravaganza. Right on!” The Fly


The Dials (self titled debut album) - national and international airplay
Where Did Our Love Go? (single) - national and international airplay

Set List

Sets vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
Songlist for sets:
(original tunes)
Theme from Dials
Doug the peanut
The Coracle
Fairyring Champion
My Name's Jesus And I'm An Alcoholic
Lonely Boy
Been Inside Your Mind
Hernandez Who Does Not Ride
Pontius Pilate at KMart
Jigsaw Mind
Being Born
Where Did Our Love Go?
Loser Blues
Soul tune

Dead Flowers
As Long As I have You
Listen To The Band
General Store
Fair and Tender Ladies