The Dials

The Dials


"a trashcan trawling of mid 60's Pebbles flashbacks, schizoid late 70's no wave/new wave and post punk fallouts, effervescent 80's candy pop and mid 90's girl punk...all moulded and finely tuned..." -Losing Today


60's girl-garage, power-pop, a la 80's punk & roll powered with tubular tunefulness and beach party bombast. The foundation is laid by the dynamic interplay of Rebecca's and Patti's epic bubblegum songs of disenchantment, frustration, and making out behind the grocery store. Add on top of that the degenerate barroom-floor sounds of Emily's junky genre-bending farfisa (is it Monoman or Steve Nieve? Who cares when it's this good?). Then tie it all together with Chad's ferociously flurried fury on drums. Serpentine guitar B-52isms and Rezillos-worthy bass lines infused with raw Marshall crunch and total high-energy exuberance create a rock & roll tsunami that'll blow your panties off.


Flex Time LP, Latest Flame, 2005
Sick Times EP, Ribo-Teen Records, 2004

Set List

Our set is usally 40-45 minutes in length
1/3 of our set list is generally comprised of selections from our LP, Flex Time and 1/3 is new material which is currenly un-recorded. Occasionally, we will play a cover in a set, but never anymore than one.