The Diamond Light

The Diamond Light

 Los Angeles, California, USA

A ressurgence of Rock and Roll grit lost in an age of electro dance rock, The Diamond Light are a powerful rock quartet shifting between calming harmonies and raucus breakdowns. Their music is a deathblow to anybody who has said rock 'n' roll is dead.


Originally hailing from New Hampshire, Griffin Young, Brian Stanley, Richy Jeness and Ian Ochs have been sculpting their own brand of rock since they met in High School. Now, at an average age of 22 years old, the band has released their debut EP Krotona and is about to begin their first tour. Named after their apartment complex, Krotona is as raw and gritty as their own path as a band. Recorded in closets and makeshift studios all over town, the haunting melodies and writhing breakdowns are a triumphant first effort with a band who is only just beginning to realize their potential. Their music draws from modern rock greats such as Black Rebel Motorcycle club while at the same time staying very true to their blues rock roots. Travelling the same rusty van that brought them from rural New Hampshire to the concrete jungle of Hollywood the band will be touring extensively in 2010, beginning with a run of shows in the Northwest in November 2009. While a release date is not scheduled, The Diamond Lights massive volume of unrecorded material lends itself to a debut LP in 2010.


Krotona EP

Set List

Here's a sample of a 30-35minute set. The Diamond Light sets range from 20-45 minutes depending on the performance. We're also set to do acoustic gigs.

Already Done
Who's Gonna Search My Soul?
Easy to Fall
Dusty Walls