The Dice

The Dice


We´re a flexible band, musicwise. Altough we only play our own songs, the genres are different. We span from pop trough rock, soul and country to heavy metal. The most important thing for us is to play a good livegig and to have fun.


Our influenses are wide since every member has different styles and are allowed to incorporate them into the music. We have a certain chemistry since we´re long time friends. That comes trough in the music and on stage. On a bad day, we´re good. But on a fantastic one we´re on fire!


"Nanana" demo 2003
"Roll" demo 2004
"On the air" 2005
songs from the first demo can be heard on
Songs from the second one can be heard on

Set List

Our typical setlist consists of 15-20 original songs, no covers. We usually play for one hour. The songs have elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, country and metal.