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As the crowd whispers and wonders; who is this young man, that they have heard so much about? In the back, there's that man; nervous, anxious, and ready. He bursts onto the stage with such charisma, moving from side to side, giving it his all. Sweating as if this was his last show.
This Is The Dice
The Dice, born Wayne Williams. Was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1981, to a 14 year old Tina Williams. His mother being a child herself, gave her child to his grandmother to be raised. Living with his grandmother Wayne was showered with all types of music. His grandmother was in funk and soul bands in the 60's throughout the 70's, which gave him an upper hand in music.
Listening to everything ranging from: Jackie Wilson. Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, to Marvin Gay, Phil Collins, and Rod Stewart. This young man was destined to be musically inclined.
During the mid 80's like many other urban cities in the U.S.; Harrisburg was hit by the crack epidemic. Having no males around young Wayne was brought up by older guys in the neighborhood. Most of these guys were street hustlers, and were friends of Waynes mother. Running with the local boys Wayne soon found his self in a very dark and lonely place. Juvenile detention centers, placements, and foster homes. At the ripe age of 9, Wayne was quickly learning how to make it on his own.
Being locked up at such a young age Wayne slowly moved away from the soulful music he was raised on and started to gravitate toward more explicit music; N.W.A, Ice T, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, and even the not too explicit music such as LL COOL J. It was Hip Hop. Wayne Felt as though this was the way for him to release the feelings he had inside..
So he wrote!
Throughout the years he never stopped doing his music. Every talent show either in or out, every cypher, anywhere that he could continue to build his craft and stay in the spot light.
In 2003 Dice released his first of many mixed tapes entitled Monsta Muzik. Due to heavy gorilla promotion, out of the trunk and hand to hand sales; Dice was able to create a buzz throughout Central Pennsylvania. With a lot of hand to hand promotion,Dice was able to gain a strong repore with those who would later support him.
Getting locked up due to various probation violations. Dice found himself back in a place he found very familiar. But after tasting of what he had always dreamed he knew that this was a place he no longer wanted to waist time in..
So he wrote!
In 2005 Dice released his second mixed CD entitled Monsta Muzik part 2. Followed by Welcome to My Block in 2006. Then a string of mixed tape singles throughout 2007. By December Dice was ready for the album.
Welcome to Medellin, his debut album, was crafted over the course of 9 months. Making sure that every song screamed classic. Taking his time to pick the perfect beat for the perfect song and studying all the greatest albums in the past 50 years. He has crafted what he would call, " His Thriller"!
You can find Dice performing his heart out, giving all he's got; or enchanting you with a sweet melody, telling you of his harsh times. Either way you find him, you find good music.