The Dick Jones Band

The Dick Jones Band

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN
BandRockAdult Contemporary

The Dick Jones Band is a genre jumping mixture of pop, reggae, ska and rock inspired anthems. Critics has described the sound as "John Lennon meets Queen". Featuring a twenty piece choir, string quartet, horns and some serious rock guitar, TDJB will take you on a musical ride each and every night.


Who is Dick Jones? Well, there are many words that describe him best. He's confused, isolated, reclusive, crazy, lost, but most of all fun and always the life of a party. Dick, an out-spoken, part-time Social and Political activist, developed his unique sound and signature on-stage moves through many relentless years of air guitar jam sessions, while working in a classic record store throughout his late teens and early twenties . Growing up under the guise of his legendary rock and roll star parents, he learned to imitate everyone from Elvis (both Presley and Costello) to Steven Tyler and Gordon Lightfoot. Despite his love of the stage, Dick remains distant from the media and relies heavily on his band mates to cover in his often absence...... ..

So then, who is his Band? The Dick Jones Band, is a re-connection of two family friends twenty years in the making. Dana Barnaby, known from his days travelling Canada in a 7 piece Ska band, left music entirely for ten years. Ty Lowe, graduated with a masters degree in music performance from the legendary Jazz school, Indiana University. Shortly after her graduation, a car accident took the use of her right hand and was thus sidelined from music for thirteen years. Through miracles and enlightenment, Dana and Ty reunited and found themselves once again excited to express themselves through music. This self titled first album, under Dick's direction, is basically a musical release of many frustrating years away from their passion. Though this is their first album together, it sounds as if they been doing this their whole lives. Sit back and enjoy a unique journey through the genres of our years.


Cry For Peace

Written By: D. Barnaby/T. Lowe

Lost inside my own head again
Dreaming of a more perfect world
A place where I can just write a song
About a girl and a love gone wrong

But the times are changing
Cause the love’s gone away
There’s war between us
That grows stronger everyday
When will we learn?
Just to turn the other way

We cry for peace
We cry out for some harmony
A desperate plea for a kinder world
A place where we can all just live as one

One voice
One love
I’m looking forth to a future time
When peace has come
Left all these wars behind
When there’s food for all
No inequalities
Just a chance at life for all humanity

So the time has come now
For us to all take a stand
To raise our voices
United we can
Change this world
That’s all we demand

Just open your eyes and tell all the world
Of the pain that you’ve seen
And if you’re like me
You’d be so ashamed of all that we’ve done
This mess that we’ve made
You cry out for change, You’ll cry out for love

Is It Just Me

Written By: D. Barnaby/T. Lowe

Today I’m hearing with new ears.
Today I’m seeing clearly for the first time.
I woke this morning, went outside
Saw this world through new eyes

Is it just me?
Is it just me, who sees all this confusion
Is it just me, who’s afraid, afraid for our future
So afraid, so very afraid for our future

Saw a man crying over his hurt dog
While walking past a dying man lying there in the street
I saw a poor man raise his hand
Raise his hand in defeat
Where do we go from here?
Is there still time to make amends
Are we sure this is not our end
So what can you do to change?

I heard a man sent his country off to war
Killing his people trying to make his daddy proud
I heard a woman crying out to this man
Please return my son he doesn’t know what he’s fighting for


Written By: d. Barnaby/T. Lowe

Your words are so silent tonight
I find it hard to speak
Afraid of all you might say to me
I know things haven’t been going our way lately
But I didn’t think you end this right now

Cause I’m so in love with you
No matter what you may do

You can’t blame me for thinking there was still a chance
Cause yesterday we talked for quite a while
We even laughed and spoke about our destiny
But then you told me you loved somebody else
So, what am I to do now?
Charisse, I’m still in love with you

You tell me, just leave it alone. It’s over
You tell me that I’m not the man for you
You tell me, to forget about you, forever
And there’s nothing more I can do

But I’m still in love with you
No matter what you may do

Every now and then, I think about you
Wondering what keeps you up at night
I often laugh then cry without you
Just hoping your life turned out all right

I don’t think that’s something I can do

I’m just not that into you

40 Years

Written By: d. Barnaby/T. Lowe

When will you be mine?
I’ve wasted too much time
My days are growing shorter now
It’s time to get my life in order

Forty years I have grown
I’m finally old enough to know
That the grass is green on both sides of the hill
No matter how high you climb

I want you here by my side
I’ve got nothing left to hide
Just one more thing before I die
Let me take you home for my bride

With each new year, the time it shows
That without you here, I’m so alone
No one else can fill your void
So just come back and make me whole again


Self Titled CD - Released September 2010

Set List

Play anywhere from 45 mins - two hours. Our longer shows include cover tunes by Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Thompson Twins and Chet Baker.